I have been using social bookmarking sites and articles to get traffic. I read some posts in this forum that posting comments on blogs is a good method to get traffic too.

So, I am looking for a list of blogs to submit comments.

Does anyone know any site that contains a this blog list?


Have a nice day!

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I am offering you some do follow blogs that have high PR for commenting :
Brazencareerist (PR 6)

Sirpi (PR 6)

Sayanythingblog (PR 6)

Links (PR 4)

Midasoracle (PR 6)

Bloggreens (PR 6)

Illinipundit (PR 6)

Jemjabella (PR 6)

Heiseidemocracy (PR 5)

Expertcruiser (PR 5)

Shandyking (PR 5)

Dotsauce (PR 5)

Sphinn (PR 6)

Randaclay (PR 5)

Thedigeratilife (PR 4)

Blogsspeechwriters (PR 4)

Searchenginepeople (PR 4)

Freeadblogger (PR 4)

Allrealestateproperty (PR 4)

Ptank (PR 4)

Endangeredspaces (PR4)

TO find thedo follow blogs for commenting use this query.
keywordluv blog for ( keyword name) then search in google.


Do blog comments on your niche. Otherwise it won't help you on traffic.

I also recommend to post comments on blogs that your targeted visitors would also be interested. Otherwise, the blog owner may suspect the comments not be genuine and not approve them.

General steps

  1. Identify which blogs where your targeted user is expected to come.
    e.g If its a real esatate website then check for real estate blogs / forums

  2. Then Shortlist the blogs based upon relevance to our offerings and geo locations.

  3. Submit your comment as a third person (your comment should not look as a direct promotion of your product/services otherwise you would be banned )

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