is there any shortcut to improve genuine traffic ?

I tried to get genuine traffic for my website.

i have done seo, submission on classifieds, forums, articles, directories, search engine, .............

but there r u not improving traffic

reply all u who suggest me little...


Sure, there's short-cuts to improving "qualified" traffic but they all entail the development of search engine optimization skills. However, I'd first suggest you master the language, then learn HTML coding and finally educate yourself about the optimizable web page components (paying particular attention to how you craft content).

Now, if you don't want to do this, then keep trying the pitiful, trendy search engine manipulation techniques until you are blue in the face, then come back and read my answer again.

commented: pity the worth of this post, will excape the fix it quick mentality +12

Well it seems that you have tried every bit of SEO to have quality traffic. Let them to do their job meanwhile, what you need to do is promoting your services in social platform for those who are in need of that. You can try facebook, twitter, myspace. You can also share your classified links on these platform. Promote with your unique services that you are providing.

Folllow these, you will surely have the effect.

There is no shortcut to get traffic to the website, for this you have to follow proper SEO process.

Dont go with short cuts in SEO, It may lead you to face Google Penalization. So better go with natural way, you may use social networking sites for more traffic.

Sorry mate but there are no short cuts to getting good quality targetted traffic. People will tell you they can get you so mny visitors within two weeks. It just does not work like that

You need to take the time and effort to continually do SEO and build your reputation on the forums and social networking sites

Use social networking and social bookmarking sites. Apart from this try email marketing too.

In my own experiences, social networking, social bookmarking and niche relative forum posting would be nice to increasing traffic. :)

Have a nice day,

I've an objection with the term 'shortcut'! Why you want to achieve target traffic by any shortcut? I think if there could be any such way then people don't waste their time in submitting sites in lots of places, writing articles, blogging, social networking etc. You need to use all possible strategies for both on page and off page. Don't expect to see immediate results. Positive hard work and time will show you target traffic...believe me!

link building using white hat techniques is the only way of getting genuine & permanent traffic to your site.

You follow proper SEO on-page optimization and off-page optimization, its not easy and fast, you spend much time on it.

is there any shortcut to improve genuine traffic ?

I tried to get genuine traffic for my website.

i have done seo, submission on classifieds, forums, articles, directories, search engine, .............

but there r u not improving traffic

reply all u who suggest me little...



If you search google on how to get traffic to a website you'll find many options. You can obviously pay for traffic but I'd recommend you go with the free alternatives first. Then, after you've earned some cash you can always decide to go for the paid ones... The downside is that the free options generally involve more time and effort. The choice is yours.

In my opinion, getting traffic (free or paid) always starts with keyword research. You have to know what people are searching for and how often. Learn how to target these search terms and send the visitors to your site. This doesn't always mean you have to get your site on the first page of google. This takes a lot of time and effort. You just have to know where to find your audience and get them to find your site.

I could write a book about this subject but I'm afraid there isn't enough space here :-) I know there is a good book out there called "Google Traffic Pump". I have tried it out and it really works great. I started to see results in a day or two. This method combines some powerful traffic getting methods as well as covers keyword research. I recommend you have a look at it.

I've seen it offered on the internet for prices that range from $40 to even $80. Here is a link to a site that offers it under $20.
I hope I don't get banned for linking to it here. I have nothing to win from it...

I truly believe that this is a more sensible investment then paying for traffic in adwords or whatever.

Good Luck!


sorry but shot cut is always shot cut .. use white hat seo don't think about black hat seo bcuz with black hat seo you can generate huge traffic ... just use socialbookmarking or social networking site ..

Try RSS feeds it will help you in improving the traffic.

SEO is your friend here. Although as you have mentioned that you already applied SEO, I think your SEO technique is not effective. If your SEO technique is effective, then your site might be ranking now in the SERPs and receiving organic traffic. But since it is not yet receiving traffic, then go back to the drawing boards and put more emphasis on SEO.

white hat method in building quality backlinks will make your website safe and consistent on its page rank gaining more traffic...

There is no shortcut but you can get traffic to your website in less time through Social bookmarking and social networking website. In this way you can get traffic to your website but you need to put some time on social networking website like Facebook, twitter, digg and stumble upon is the best i ever have used.

Increase the quality backlinks and improve the serp and use social networking site that helps to increase traffic to your site.

I don't really think there are short cuts in getting traffic unless you use black hat SEO which is very risky. All SEO activities needs time and dedication and most of the time the effects can be seen in three to six months period.

Social networking is one of the most powerful medium to attract the social friends or visitors to your site. but for this you need a good quality content on your website.

Hi, first! Before you doing

seo, submission on classifieds, forums, articles, directories, search engine, ect

you need to check that you have quality and useful content for your visitors. It's the first before you do other traffic generation campaign, provides and give visitors what they are looking for!

60,000 social networking sites. Go a head.

Broken protocol Google search engine optimization is comparable to the duelling banjos effect. It was a mistake in a sentence where a period was left off the end of a sentence. Subsequent searches to find the relevance for this term sent traffic to the website that made the mistake. It is remarkable how so many people are looking to gain website traffic to their websites using legitimate techniques and having very little success a than have someone gain a ton of traffic by making a simple mistake.

If you want real success never use any shortcut in SEO may be you hit by Google at that step

Yes, i am agree with social media traffic generation techniques. Social media optimization refers to the use of a number of major social media websites like(Facebook, Twitter, Google +) and social communities to generate traffic towards own sites.

bro there are no shortcuts in SEO althoughugh there are some sneaky tricks but i would uggest you to stick to the basics.

The short cut is to invest a lot of money. By a lot I mean products like Adwords an above 100$/day.

The easy way to increase traffic is give good and quality content.

Seo is a steady process,You can not get instant results only you have to do one thing just keep buliding quality links and folloe all the GUidelines of Google.For getting targeted traffic yuo can use social media sites and start following the relevant people this will help you in driving traffic....:)

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