Are there any effective strategies that I could adopt to increase traffic for my website via blog? I welcome any and all suggestions. Please share your opinions on this post.

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I would suggest that one of the best ways to get traffic to your site is through publishing articles and gaining links on 3rd party sites which link back to yours.
Not only will this mean people could potentially follow the links, it will also improve your search engine listings, move you higher up google and then people will be able to find your site through search engines too.

you promote your blog in social media site like facebook,twitter,stumble-upon to get traffic.

What kind of blog is it? Is there content relevance regarding the topics you deal on your main website?
There are certainly many ways to create backlinks on your blog pointing to your web page but your best strategy depends on technical and other factors.

update your content daily and make your profile attractive in social media sites to give your blog link there.

the most important thing is to maintain the originality of the article

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Twice in a week update your blog with unique post of 300-400 words including quality of keywords related to your blog. Daily share it in Facebook, twitter, Digg, Reddit and other social networking sites

great professional content, on your blog
great professional content, as a guest blog, on other blogs

I think making blog is not going to help you, But if you can make a good blog with interesting post then it can became popular. But again you will have to labour hard for making backlinks for your blog . So its better to make back links for your website directly. Use some press releases, advertisement etc.

Blogs form a good source of traffic generator for your website. But then the blog articles should be good and interesting to read. It would be better if the content of your blog articles are related to the purpose of your websites.

Write an article and post it on your website. Then post a link in your blog which briefly covers the same topic which links to your website article then post a message in Facebook and Twitter, etc., which refer to that article and also link to it. Some of those links are no-followed but they might bring you traffic if you keep it up.

Blog has been indexed faster than the website, whereas website need more focus. So, if you linked your blog to your website, it will be easy for search engines to get noticed by your site and indexed their pages also.

They is best way to get traffic on your site through blog is to update your blog on daily basis with some unique and fresh content and try to share it on social bookmarking and social network sites.

Do directory submission, Social Bookmarking on your blog url and share your blog with your friends daily and update your blog, with weekly post of 400-500 words with unique content.

To increase the traffic for website via blog promote your blog in social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, stumble upon.

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thanks for the practical tips..i think anchor text plays an important role in bringing organic search results for the blog and hence increase question are the backlinks too important.i have seen many blogs who have few backlinks but their ranks are too what is the secret of their success..

If you want to increase the traffic for your site, than do SEO for your site .

maybe attach a facebook link?

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Website via blog promote your blog in social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, stumble upon.

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