Well, my laptop is rather slow... and it's missing the 'Zzzzzzzzzzz' key (woops... stupid thing).

My current computer is a Fujitsu Siemens Lifebook A Series (AH530), it only has 2GB of RAM installed and a 250GB HDD making it unsuitable for anything heavy handed, and it has a dual core 2.13Ghz processor (Intel P6200).

I thought it was about time I upgraded, and I've found what looks to be a good priced laptop on Dabs.com, an Acer V3-571G (Dabs or Acer Official)

It still is a dual core, but has a clock speed of 2.5Ghz (3MB Cache) which is a nice improvement on my current PC, and the 8GB of RAM, 750 GB HDD is certainly going to be an improvement. I can't find too much about graphics, so I don't know what it's running but as I won't be gaming on it (nothing major anyway), it shouldn't be too much of an issue.

I'm planning on Dual Booting Ubuntu, with Ubuntu being the main OS on it, it currently has Windows 8 (not sure how it will work with this UEFI issue etc.)

What does everyone think? A decent laptop for £500, for work, media streaming and internet browsing? Does ayone have any other suggestions for about the £500 price range?


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