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I 'd say go with adbrite you know why? well guess what happened for no reason i got banned from adsense and they said My site had invalid clicks i mean my site is perfectly normal you check it out youself if you dont believe <snip URL> nothing wrong right? Thats why I suggest change to Adbrite one small problem your site has to have a lot of traffic reason is there are more publishers than advertisers in Adbrte

More publishers than advertisers means that, as a publisher, you're not as much in demand, and advertisers won't have to pay premiums to get onto your site ... This translates into lower eCPMs.

Stick to AdSense. But don't click your own ads.

Is adbrite the ads scattered throughout the article? And when you mouseover an ad comes up... Well if thats it, I hate it. I bet you it annoys everyone!

Adsense is the go if you have traffic.

Adsense is the go if you have traffic.

Yes, it's true. You can have a good income if you have also a good traffic on your site.

adsense is better as long you do not get banned , then you need to try adbrite , bidvertiser , chitika ,etc.

Just because adsense team cannot trace who is and where the clicks came from. If they found out that you clicks suddenly increases they will ban you even if you are not the one clicking your ads.

I think I am talking about that kontara thing that goes in your content...
But adsense is the go for sure... then yes...if you get banned, try the others.

Well I have been banned for adsense for no reasons and i am quite frustrated.

And you are another victim of the "click fraud".

As replied by others here google adsense is the best. Occasionally will ban people for random reasons, some are legit, some are not.

i too got banned from adsense now i am using adbrite.It has lower earnings but doesnt ban anyone .....

Has anyone tried contacting google adsense about a innapropiate ban? If you have a good legit case they may look into it.

Another concern is the glocbal reach. Can anyone tell me whether adbrite supports in India and the middle east.

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