Hello, everyone i have acer aspire 4520 laptop
when we start my laptop and press F2 Button and open Boot Menu when we use ( left , right buttons on keyboard and change Tab ( Information, Boot, Exit ) so it work could not held.And when we change Tab ( Main , Security,)using left right key on keyboard then system is totally Hang. and after 1 minute shutdown automatically. power off And next time when we press on button the laptop can not start.
Some times when we start my laptop so the laptop is not start and power off in 2 seconds. or system boot automatic.
Please tell me what can i do to fix this problem.

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Does the power connecter feel loose in the power socket? To test this further remove the battery and connect the power Cable. Turn on the laptop and then move the power cable enough to find out whether moving it turns off the laptop. If it does, then all you need is a replacement connector.

If the above test makes no difference then just check if the mains cable is connected to the power pack properly. Check the condition of the power cable from the power pack to the laptop power connector. You may have to connect the cable to your laptop to see if any movements of the cable affect power to the laptop.

If none of the above helps the identify the problem, then it will need servicing - which will at worst would require replacement of the motherboard. Or, at best (and unlikely) the replacement of a fan or reseating of a heartsink.

Actually once we thought it is a bettry or power problem.but no.
we try to start laptop with out hard disk & DVD rom & Bettry .
when we open boot setting then press f2 so the first and last 2 tabs work.
then we change second and third tab the laptop fully hang.
i think it is over heating problem.
why the boot setting two tabs options are held .

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