Please,give me a link to download the proper/working ACER Empowering Technology(framework and components) for ACER Aspire E1-531,Win 7 Ultimate.I tested more ET Framewoks,they appeared on the screen but none of their components,for ex.eAudio,etc,although I had installed each of them in the same ACER folder.
I am also looking for a solution to make the Bluetooth work;I have installed Bluetooth Suite 7,the icon of my cell phone is visible on the screen but there is a connection error and the cell phone does not connect with my laptop.My Bluetooth device is "Bluetooth Class 1 billionton".
Thank you.

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will try to help but need but need a bit of time to search .

also is the win7 U 32 bit or 64 bit

try this link .
Click Here

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Thank you very much,sir,for trying to help me;I will try but I am afraid ePower is only a component of ACER Empowering Technology.
Win 7U is 32 bit.

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