actually, i am demotivated with the rejections. i have got 3 rejections yet in directi (second-last round), AMZON(last round) and facebook (first round). how to make myself confident ? can you all help me in this also. this is totally different from computer science, but i think you all have gone through this time at some point of your life. if you can, help me somehow. am weak and demotivated. :(

There is nothing to get demotivated in this. A true resourseful person will always comes up from the utmost bottom of the line like bubbling of air from under water. You must consider all your failure as a lesson to avoid the failures in the future. Dont get carried away by your failure alone.


Failure is the Key to Success

And remember that the same companies will going to offer a job to you, willingly, and you will become such a person who selects the oppurtunities from the list of companies that rejected you now.

Wait for your time.

Keep on trying until your goal is reached my friend.


how not to get depressed? first of all: get realistic. 3 rejections are about equal to nothing. most sollicitants these days get dozens, or some even hundreds of rejections before actually finding a job, welcome to modern day economics, I'm afraid.

AMZON (I assume you mean Amazon? ) and Facebook aren't exactly small timers. They can afford to be picky, and only hire the best and brightests. it's absolutely not a shame not being hired there. rest assured that they receive way more applications than they have vacancies, and there's always a good chance that among those hundreds/thousands of applicants there 's just that one that has:
* more experience
* better skills
* a more impressive/attractive resume
* has better skills in the field of "selling himself as the perfect candidate"

the best you can do is stick to it, search for opportunities, and, until you find one, don't sit back and do nothing. work on projects, study a new framework, ... each of these 'll give you something extra to mention on your resume.

The best recommendation you can have on your resume is experience. Where the experience came from is of secondary importance. Lower your sights a bit and apply with a few companies most people has ever heard of. One does not begin climbing a mountain from the top. You'll have to work your way up.

Try getting a job with a small private company rather than a well known company with a stock and billions in the bank. Big companies, as stultuske has mentioned, can be picky because they can afford it.

Either get a job with a small private company or start your own? Or do both? Maybe in a few years, when you are more experienced and have achieved a lot more, then try getting a job at a company like Amazon or facebook.

But remember, it doesn't hurt to try, does it?

My first two jobs paid peanuts but the experience was priceless and the work was fascinating. My first job was at what once was a hospital but by then had been converted to a rehab facility for children recovering from surgeries for burns and amputations. We also were a leading centre for custom prosthetics/orthotics. In a rather perverse reversal of circumstances, each succesive job came with an increase in pay and greater job security, but a decrease in my work area.

First Job

Spacious private office on the second floor overlooking a park right on the banks of the Red River. I had a private bathroom with a shower. It was a good thing the office was spacious because I had to work from a gurney for several months due to a serious back injury.

Second Job

Private office the size of a large broom closet overlooking a parking lot in downtown Winnipeg.

Third Job

A cubicle.

I was told at university that 99% of the available jobs would be in data processing so I shouldn't expect to find my dream job. As it turned out, my career path ended up being in areas that kept me intellectually stimulated (and also well compensated, at least by the time I got to my last job).

It's like people who go through to be lawyers. They all dream of being Perry Mason but the reality is most of them end up doing grunt work. That's life. We can't all win the job lottery.

i have got 3 rejections yet in directi (second-last round), AMZON(last round) and facebook (first round). how to make myself confident ?

Here's a bit of perspective: I wouldn't be surprised if Amazon or Facebook rejected me (and I'm not familiar with Directi). Since you seem to hold me in some regard, what does that say about your expectations? ;)

first of all: get realistic. 3 rejections are about equal to nothing. most sollicitants these days get dozens, or some even hundreds of rejections before actually finding a job, welcome to modern day economics, I'm afraid.

And that's with the folks who have experience. A newbie fresh out of school is a big risk, so you're more likely to get rejected.

"Since you seem to hold me in some regard, what does that say about your expectations? ;)"... it didn't get this line.. can you explain it ?

actually today, again , DE shaw has rejetced me in last round. now AMAZON, DESHAW and directi , these 3 comapnies has taken me up till last rounds and then throw me away like hell....:'( what to do ? :(

it didn't get this line.. can you explain it ?

It was a somewhat joking way of saying that your expectations are too high, and there's no reason to be depressed about your results so far.

what to do ? :(

There's nothing you can do other than keep trying. Rejection is part and parcel of looking for a job. However, there's absolutely nothing wrong with reaching out to your contact at the company after a rejection and asking for advice on what you can do to improve your marketability.

actually, problems is the persons who are placed in DE shaw, they are dumbos. they have nt studied C, C++ never. just 10-15 days and some codes which they grab and what is the reasult ? they are placed and am not placed there. my status: i have solved more than 200 problems on codechef, 200 problms on SPOJ, 40 contests on codeforces and more than 50 questions on hackerrank. and result ? am rejected in last round of 3 companies. directi-top 4, DE shaw-top 6 and AMAZON: top 8. this is my status. what the hell the problem is ? my mates are gettimg placed who has never done coding in their 3 years. :(

what the hell the problem is ?

They're better at selling themselves, and probably good at bullshitting too.

how are they better at selling themselves ? what does that exactly means ? :(

how are they better at selling themselves ?

That's impossible to answer.

what does that exactly means ? :(

Google for "selling yourself". There are tons of resources, but ultimately it's about being likable and making yourself look like the person the interviewer wants.

So if it isn't experience or ability it is likely something else. Without getting into specifics, I'm sure you recall a PM I sent you recently. Consider that when you read point number 1. As for the remaining points, I only list them as possibilities. I do not assume that any of them apply to you, but I have seen others fail a job interview because of one or more of those points.

  1. Did you act in a mature manner during the interviews? Did you answer all questions seriously, even the "throw away" ones as you were settling in for the interview or getting up to leave? Some interviewers will use these questions to get a feel for you.
  2. Did you dress appropriately? Was your hair cut neatly? Do you have facial piercings or tattoos? You may think it is your right to express yourself with piercings, etc. (and you would be right), but first impressions count and the interviewer has the right to make assumptions based on your appearance.
  3. Did you have proper hygiene? Did you go into the interview smelling of last night's beer bash or garlic and limburger cheese fest? Did you brush your teeth and apply deodorant earlier? If you have sweaty palms did you wipe them before going in and shaking the interviewer's hand?
  4. Did you sit with proper posture? Were you sitting attentively or were you slouching. Did your posture suggest an open attitude or a confrontational one? Were you sitting with your arms and/or legs crossed. The more experienced interviewers are very adept at reading body language.
  5. Did you speak in proper (insert appropriate language here). Did you speak in complete sentences and avoid slangy terms? Here in Canada, greeting the interviewer with "what's up dude?" rather than something like "I'm pleased to meet you" would be an instant fail.

And let's not forget that if you go into the interview expecting to fail then you will likely project that attitude. I know it can be difficult to overcome that in the face of multiple rejections but you have to consciously try to project an "I'm the person for this job" attitude.

Good luck with the next interview.

Just some thoughts to chew on.

Personally, at first, I thought to myself this has got to be BS. Having interviews with not one, but several prestigious companies - lead me to think you're attention whoring again, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt as it seems credible.

If these are indeed real opportunities, for intership or whatever here are a few thoughts that spring to mind.

The way WE write PROJECTS who we are as people and how we interact in the real world. There is no escaping this... In fact, I can roughly judge a person's character based on how they write.

I don't know what happened to you... as a child... or even now, but the way you write and how you emotionally react is incredibly worrying. A person's technical abilities is just one thing a company bases their decisions to hire. HOW you answer questions are very important too.

Let me give you example.

If you've ever dated you will know how frustrating it is...

I'm sure we've all been in a position where the girl we're dating ends up dumping you and the week after she's dating a guy uglier or physically more out of shape than us - yet she seems happier?

Why is this? You're the perfect catch... Who is this other guy? Well... you see women, base their decisions on things far greater than looks or superficiality. One of those things they greatly value is strength of character, assurance and knowing their boyfriend is confident in himself.

Believe me, this is far far more important to them then dating a Brad Pitt lookalike.

Why am I telling you this? Simply because the job market is the same. Now you may have been more qualified than those other guys, but I can tell you... your personality SIMPLY sucks. If I, a random internet stranger can pick this up ANYBODY else can.

Work on this... and if you do...other job opportunities will come ... and you will experience more success with them ... and life in general

@iamthwee.. can you elaborate more so that i can imporve ? please ?

@iamthwee, you bring some very good points.

Believe me, this is far far more important to them then dating a Brad Pitt lookalike.

I am sure any girl would go crazy for a brad pitt lookalike.... just saying.

can you elaborate more so that i can imporve

We are not your therapist. I think you have been given ample suggestions to chew on. If you want it reduced to basics then consider the words of Wil Wheaton. To wit, "Don't be a dick."

@reverend Jim, i know you are a retired person, that's why i respect u alot. that doesn't mean u will become rude with me. okay ? if you are interested in giving answers, then atleast refrain urself from making these abusive and rude comments. P.S atleast try to see the topic of this thread first, then make these types of rude and careless comments. when i have said that hitler thing, i have said sorry, because i know i was wrong. atlast, i am not a dick.. you are a big dick. ok ? thanks. (atleast see the scenario, then make comments. i don't know how you live in a society!). and i will prefer to die rather than making you as my therapist. thanks now.

nitin1: as far as I can see, the 'reverend' is neither rude nor abusive. he's trying to make you see his point in a way that you can't ignore. his suggestion was: read over the previous replies, don't just read them, try to understand them and those that make sense to you, implement them.

we can not improve you, we're neither qualified for that, nor do we know you well enough. we've given you plenty of things to consider and to think about, but we can't act as a therapist, that 'll hold your hand till the finish line, you're the one that has to find the 'more elaborate' details in your life, to check where you might improve yourself.
keyword: you.

we can't do that for you. we've offered you some general insights, but the most of it 'll still have to be done by you.

yes , i know. but he is saying same thing which you are saying but in a very rude manner. but the way u have said is not rude at all. (it is my opinion, may be i am wrong in this). atleast we must filter these words when anyone try to write these words. for ex dick and all... anyways thanks for your reply :)

it is my opinion, may be i am wrong in this

As far as Daniweb's rules go, RJ wasn't even close to breaking the Keep It Pleasant rule. If the moderators or long time members don't call someone on their behavior, chances are that it's acceptable within the community.

atleast we must filter these words when anyone try to write these words.

We do filter such things (so if it's not filtered, it's OK), and also have rules in place to deal with excessively bad behavior. If you feel someone is being excessively rude, report the post and let a moderator deal with it. If it's not worth reporting, the problem is on your end. I think you're being too sensitive, which could very well be the overall problem that prompted this thread in the first place. Grow some thicker skin, dude.

You can't blame just yourself for not getting as far as you would like in an interview, and I think this thread demonstrates that. Just consider some of the expectations others have mentioned which contrast with what others have intimated. Interviewers can vary in the same way.

Did you do any background research on life at Google? What is different between you and those people?

I can't imagine why anyone would want to work for Amazon longterm. Seems to have an uptight managerial system. Have you heard about their Zero-hour contracts? But, this wouldn't be so bad if you want to use them as a stepping stone. Maybe their attitude towards work and employees fits your way of thinking?

Your qualifications will speak for themselves, but your aptitude, attitude, and ethics in an interview will reveal whether the company wants to 'live' with you and your opinion of yourself. You should do enough background research on their company to satisfy yourself that you could 'live' with their methods. You are the delivery system for your qualifications, what are you like?

Don't try to be like someone else. They will become a yardstick you will never measure up to, and you will become the person who was so insecure in yourself that you had to try to look like someone else. Not a good thing to be known for. You might learn that your interviewer likes Elvis. Trust me, turning up to the interview in a sparkly open chested jumpsuit, big belt, and small cape, won't do anything for the majority of interviewers. You might think you would never do anything like that, but that's how some become in character in an attempt to compensate for, and hide, their nervousness.

wow. you are great bigpaw. yes, i know about AMZ environment. atmosphere is not that good at AMZ. but only problem was that i was not getting job. so i am depressed with that only. i dnt want AMZ, adobe etc, i want decent job with decent salary. true, worthful words you just said.

I'll throw my two cents I mentioned before in another post, from my perspective when I'm on an interview panel (which I've done quite a few)... I weigh pretty heavily the person's behaviorial aspects because these are the things I can't help change. I could always invest in someone and send them to training, however I have no interest in sending them to therapists, not saying that is your case

The point is tht it is very important to work on confidence. The interval panel can pick up on this in less than 30 seconds. I hate to say this but I generally know if I want dont want to hire a person after the first few minutes.

Hope this helps.

ohh. then jorgeM, what all things matters to you apart from knowledge and all. you have said some awesome words. i will keep it in mind. how to look confident. generally my voice level is ok, i sit in good manner and i talk confidently. i mean can you give some tips or tell me where freshers or experienced ppl goes wrong when u r interviewing ? like "what not to do". thanks. you are great.

The biggest issue I have is when interviewees make stuff up during the questioning process. Never do that. I've never experienced anyone being able to get away with it. Big turn off.

Don't act desperate either. That doesn't come across well.

You need to come across as sincere and it needs to come natural. This is hard when you are making stuff up.

There something interesting about telling the don't need a good memory. If you make stuff up, it will be hard to pass as being sincere because you'll be nervous. If you seem too nervous, you won't look confident.

Confidence is key. Too much confidence to the point of acting cocky is no good.

commented: i have noted it down. i will inculcate this thing now. +0

Indeed. I've had rejections for being "too nervous" which apparently according to the rejection notice made me seem "desperate".
Next day I got a rejections for being "not nervous enough" which made me apparently "disinterested".

I was feeling the same in both interviews, acting the same. It's a lottery, more or less, with your career at stake as the grand prize and very little you can do to influence where the ball will drop apart from knowing your stuff and not trying to bluff.

commented: damn true!! yes. it happens. it's a lottery! +0

actually, problems is the persons who are placed in DE shaw, they are dumbos.

OK, let's just play devil's advocate here and assume you're smarter than all the other candidates (this of course is your biggest downfall btw, you THINK you're much smarter than you actually are but we'll revisit this later).

What do you think the reasons are for you NOT getting hired?

Could it be an entire team of google technicians and amazon technicians made a mistake? And are the vast majority of long standing DW members who regard your behaviour as attention seeking and immature indeed wrong as well?

Do you have many close friends or relationships you value? Is it because everyone else is wrong or could the problem be closer to home? <- this is a rhetorical question btw answer this one to yourself.

Look ... We are more powerful than most realize. We are just as responsible for our failures as we are for our successes. Fully accepting this means that when we experience negative outcomes in life, we often actively do MANY, MANY things that lead up to negative outcomes; (It means there is something inside us that DESIRE negative outcomes, just as it means there is something inside us that DESIRE positive outcomes when we actively chase things that lead to positive outcomes)

Toyota was the pioneer for this type of problem solving: When faced with a problem. They do not ask "why" once. They CONTINUE to ask the why's" until there are no more why's to ask. Usually, this leads to a simple solution rather than a multi-faceted mess.

  1. Why do you get really defensive when you feel you are attacked?
  2. Why are you failing to achieve your goals?
  3. Why don't you feel valued?

At the moment this has got NOTHING to do with the job. Trust me, you will have many, MANY more opportunites and if you're telling us the truth getting to final stages is something anyone would be proud of.

At the moment there is something deeper going on. And it is this which is causing a conflict of your goals, hopes and dreams. Consider addressing this first, otherwise you'll be missing out on this->

what the hell the problem is ? my mates are gettimg placed who has never done coding in their 3 years. :(

All your mates who are supposedly dumbos are getting placed. IMAGINE what a beautiful opportunity they are getting? And you're missing out on this... Figure out why... The rest will fall into place.

firstly, it's not a lie that i am going in last rounds. directi, AMAZON, DE shaw and now 4th one , Inmobi is also added in list. in this also , yesterday, i was in top 6 out of 120 students and again rejected in last round. Do u know i have answered each and every question. i have given him optimal approcahes for 3/4 problems. 4th solution was not optimal but still that was not that bad and he was ok with that. still i was rejected. i asked him after whole process, he said everyone was awesome in last round, but in that can we do ? we have only 2 vacancies. i asked him again to clearify "sir, but there must be some problem related to my attitude, my skills, my communication skills, my knowledge, my behaviour". (this question was asked just to tell you all today because you all were saying that may be i attract attention and all). he said "no! there was nothing like that. you were fine and given all answers but we want only two what can we do in that ?". i said "it's ok sir, bye".

So, now what ? who all were selected again they haven't done coding. they have done just for 2 months and they are not clear even on their C concepts. phew! and they are placed and me ? no , i am not!. what is the reason now. i have asked same question to DE shaw also, he was also saying "we haven't rejetced you, we have selected two from 6". he said "your CS concepts were far better". DE shaw was also aggreing that there was not any attitude problem and all.

this is the thing. you all are experts here. i am attached with daniweb since 2 years now. i have told u everything here. what can we figure out ? if you all have made me so good in these concepts, then you must also figure out this also somehow. :( I am not saying i don't have opprotunities, i have. but jealousy factor is coming now.(which generally is not there in me). thanks to all.