Hello all,

My name is Chris, and I reside in Oklahoma. I am new around these web parts!
I am a 20+ year IT Veteran/Pro which specializes and passionate about virtualization (have a couple of case studies and publications under my belt), small to large enterprise infrastructure assessment and architecting, and all things datacenter. I also enjoy and pride myself on being a fantastic System/Business Analyst - to assist companies large and small to utilize technology, and utilize it efficiently. It is all a matter of making technology work for the company/users, and not them working for nor being a slave to - technology.
I most recently have had the position of Director of Information Technology in healthcare at a 106 bed acute care hospital. I have held various positions in IT from Help Desk, Network Engineer, System Administrator, Architect, IT Trainer, IT Manager, Project Manager, and everywhere in between. I received my start in IT at the age of 16 working at an AOL call center as Technical Support, and been hooked ever since. I have worked at the Director+ level the last 5+ years, but no matter the title, I always love to be leading the charge in the trenches with implementations, system administration, mentoring, troubleshooting, etc.
My IT weakness is software development. I recently picked up Python (and a ton of PDFs/videos, etc.) as my first language to learn. This is how I found Daniweb (searching for code examples/snippets).

Unlike the stereo-typical IT "geek", I am also an outdoors freak whenever possible (hunting, fishing, camping, boating, coaching youth wrestling and baseball, etc.). I of course, am also an MMORPGer (time-permitting) - I got my start with Asheron's Call back in the day, as well as all around technophile (I love new shiny gadgets, systems, and software).
One of my greatest passions however, is riding my 2009 Harley-Davidson Fat Bob Custom. If it is >40 degrees F and no heavy precipitation, you can generally find me on it.

Anyway, sorry for the long read, and looking forward to teaching, learning, and discussing with you all.


Hi there. Welcome to DaniWeb!!!! :)

Hello and welcome!