so i got an email saying someone endorsed something. would someone be willing to take the time to explain it to me?

It would if u gave me a little more info about it.

Members can endorse other members for their skills and expertise. Warrens80 -- for reasons unclear to me but that he can probably explain -- just endorsed you for your expertise in Web Design and in Javascript.

You can see all the endorsements you've collected in your member profile.

I do have a friend that knows JavaScript.

alright thanks. that makes sense. did you come up with that? its quite clever.

Yes, you can check out my profile to see what it looks like once you stick around a bit :)

The ideas is twofold. On one hand, it's nice to collect badges from other community members that show off your skills and experience. But, on the other hand, it's a great way to see AT A GLANCE in someone's member profile just where their skills and interests are.

And, another advantage that I kind of like, is that it enables you to click on the badge of the person who endorsed you and display their profile page - so becomes a quick way of getting a handle on those people who are reading your posts. Instant community building. Nice!

this seems like a nice place. its just weird coming from its one of the smaller forums and the members all know each other. were like a family. but this seems like a nice place too and i cant wait to start using it more

We look forward to getting to know you better as well...

Stick around and there's definitely that "family" atmosphere here as well. What's great is that each individual section has its own group of regulars and its own subculture. But then you can expand your horizons and explore new technologies, and all your endorsements and reputation follows you.

thats awesome. so its kind of like an ide of forums. you dont neccesarily need everything, but its there for you. whereas (this is actualy what i do with my system) you just have your own collection of tools specialized for one thing (ie flex, make, gcc) that have its own settings and mean nothing to the other programs

Pretty much :) DaniWeb was created out of my own frustration in, being a forum junkie, and being active in 20+ different niche communities, all with their own subculture and rules, just to accomplish a single project. As an expert, you can help people with their C++ questions. As someone who's trying to be better at UI and frontend stuff, you can ask questions in HTML and JavaScript. And when you're trying to get the website live but the server is acting up, you can ask Apache questions in the Linux forum ... where you can go for gcc help too ;)

yeah all of the other forums ive been on i only used for like one post, because its only specialized for one thing. thats one of the reasons why i joined. the only specialized forum im actually a part of is