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is there anyone out there who can help me ? I need to calculate when a server is likely to run out of disk space, before you all say there are applications which do that I do not have access to the server so that approach is pointless. I just need to put something in Microsoft Excel an perform a rough calculation. Example disk size is 25gb and I now have 6.5gb free space remaining at the current rate of consumption May 2014 we will run out of disk space. Something pretty similar to that. Thanks

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You will need to take measurements as to the current disk consumption over a period of a month, every day, more or less at the same time. That will give you a daily disk consumption rate. Then work on an average of 125% of that rate and you'll have a more or less reliable estimate as to when the server can be expected to run low on disk space.


If he doesn't have access to the server how is he supposed to calculate consumption? That's like me wanting to make similar approximation of the DaniWeb servers -- no way for me to do it.

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