My hard disk stopped showing any drives, I tried to install new window but that was not possible because not even a single drive is showing. Can any one help me in getting data in lost drives?

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well for starters stop trying to use it ,as this will overwrite the lost data ,its possible your hard drive just up and died and it may not be possible to get the data back with out paing thousands of dollars to a recovery lap to retrieve the data .

you need to hook drive via a usb device to a working computer to see if you can access the harddrive
then if you can ,you need to try recovering files ,i have use Recua for this with some success ,but if windows cant see the drive in diskmanager then no software you try will see the drive either.

recuva tool

HD is undetectable on any system. When i was previously installing windows on this drive, this error occured which said drive not found, i kept on trying by rebooting again and again atlast found drive and installed window. but now it has been a month and m getting same error. I just want my data back, please suggest me any way out. I have now kept my HD in freezer, a friend said it may help

What if i use linux, will it detect the drive

doesn't matter what operating sysem you try ,its the computer thats not detection the harddirve not the operating system [but wouldn't hurt to try it if you want, but don't install anthing on it as you could overwrite the files on it ] if its not working it will not show .the freeszer trick dosn't work ,all its suppost to accomplish is if the drive is overheating it might give you a chance to run it long enough to get some file off ! ,if the drive is broke it broke,sorry

or take it to a pro data shop ,if you data has value ,it could cost lots of dollars to retrieve

If you have a single harddrive then make sure that your hard drive must be on Master jumper setting and make a bios setting that your computer boot from hard drive.If your problem remains same then it may be your hard problem.


Andy456 Please alloborate, what is master jumper setting? and what to do for bios settings?

jumper settings are on the power end of thehardrive and have to be physically be change ,so if the drive worked and jsut stoped working it not likely the master /slave setting ,or a bios setting for that matter! its a dead harddrive

Yeah, yeah, I know. Dead old thread.

A few alternate hypothesis: (though dead hard disk is very likely)
Your hard disk cable may have shorted out. The cable connector could also be damaged or not making a proper connection. It is also possible (though VERY unlikely is that the power cable/ connector is broken)

None of this is likely, but all of this is stuff I would try before giving up. And yes, IF I could get the disk recognized by the BIOS, I would also have a live boot linux distro ready to swoop in and rescue my semi-precious data.

Look your hdds are dead thats why its not showing any drives

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