Someone brought an old floppy disk into the shop that's apparently unreadable. (It's not a mac disk) So far I've found several shareware/demos that don't allow saving of the file. I guess if client's willing to pay, we could buy one, but we only have one machine that even has a floppy drive and I doubt we're going to have ANY call for it in the future....

One or two actual freeware programs failed to find anything; one demo-ware program CLAIMED to find a file but it didn't have the filename I was expecting...

Does anyone know of a free program that actually works? I was thinking of something like the cd recovery programs that work bit by bit like unstoppable copy? I just checked and apparently it DOES work with floppies, I'll try it. Any other suggestions?

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Thanks for those. I know Sanmaxi won't let you save anything. I am a bit dubious about it, I did try it and the file it alleged it found did not have a filename like I was expecting. Many of the others I hadn't heard of, so look forward to trying.

Unfortunately, many of them seem to be for-sale products, I don't know if we're going to want to purchase something for a one-off job...but thanks.

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unreadable....i think you should ask some professional one to recover the data

because the computer can't read it, then you can do nothing on it.


I doubt the customer wants to fork out that sort of money, even if it is her deceased mom's never-published romance novel.


you are sure it the disk and not the drive with the problem ,you tested the dive with another disk ,

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