After Google's latest update penguin 2.1, what you think about Social Media sites like facebook, twitter, stumbleupon and tumbler?

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I honestly don't think social media had any high impact on Penguin 2.1 update and to add to that nature, I haven't read anywhere of what changes there were in the release of Penguin 2.1. The only bit of information that it effected approximately 1% of searches. Some webmasters, have been bit hard with the update.

See Penguine 2.1 update is only for SEO. and SEO helps to ptimize your website on Google on the other hand SMO helps to promote the business through Social media platforms. so for organic traffic you need to do SEO and for referral traffic Social madia is the best. penguin 2.1 affects only poor quality and spammy sites not the quality sites.

Now Google has updated its algorithm to hummingbird which brings lots of changes in Search engines

Social media sites are now the food for all the websites. Socially engage makes the site interact more to the real world or real human. It makes the site worthy to trust as there are no robots who controls them.

Social media sites are the best sources for making the promotin of any website. Google gives more importance to social signals and conversation instead of links.

i think you did not read the new rules in penguin 2.1 this is true that penguin make some restrictions but they give the full hand and that they are forcing us to use the social media

These are still participating strongly.

I think this change is not related to social networking sites, google algorithm update only to better target customers, however, will affect the rankings of low-quality websites, content poor, spam ...

Social media is one of the great ways to get more traffic to your website as well as improving your website ranking.

Seems this update is not harm for social media sites. it just affected lowquality and spamy web sites in search results.

There is nothing affect on social media site. Penguin update is only for SEO(hit sites who have spammy work).SMM is helpful to promote the product and services of business in the market.

Social media are the best way for the popularity of any brand or wesite if it is done in very appropriate way,these types of activity led to build up the starting business through social media marketing,some of the social media sites are facebook,twitter,linkedin,pinterest,Google+

Even though I don't have enough evidence to back up this statement, I would like to say that anything done through Google+ right now is actually making a primary role in Google's algorithm.

Nowadays Social Media is best for doing promotions

Social media are the best way for the popularity of any website or to get the traffic,to go for the best seo activity always go for the social media marketing because marketing in mass can only be possible through this only

social media sites big platform to promote your website and businesses

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