I would like to know what sort of programs web designers/developers are using as a basis for community software (if there are any that are good) I'm looking into Dolphin and so far it seems to have more flaws than worth. Since I am a designer and not much of a developer I might be mistaken.

Can anyone reccommend a good starting off point for creating a niche community which will be scalable and ultimately probably grow very large (millions). The features needed are much like Myspace along with rating pics/people, polls, zip code search, groups etc.

I will be bringing in programmers, but for now I'd like a starting off point.


yeah I want something better then Dolphin as well.. I got tons of errors on my test site (aznunit.com/index.php) just crazy... I mean I like the setup and everything but that's more of a dating site then a community site =P also they require you pay for modifications, extensions and other junk which is actually freeware ?!?! Like in order to use SMF with Dolphin you have to pay 30 bucks for their mod

EDIT : I found http://www.phpizabi.net AWESOME COMMUNITY SOFTWARE