ok so I might have not been in your timeline but anyone like the very old Atari games that were made decades ago? Just seems to still be used in this current gen.

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Yes, when I was a kid, I had the Atari console. The one known as the 2600.

Yep, Atari 2600 'woody' here myself. Used to rent the carts for it :)

There is an emulator for the 2600 I was running pong on it this morning followed by a few dos games like wolfenstein 3d, commander keen, STONEKEEP and Hotline Miami 1 & 2

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I once owned an Atari in one of the many foster homes I was in as a child...I'm a gamer and strongly believe that you cant't be a true gamer unless you have played the classics.

They should remake it

No need. There are still plenty of secondhand units for sale on online auction sites, with games. And the great thing about cartridge games, aside fast loading, is they tend to live longer than games stored on magnetic media.

Also, a few years back someone produced a console with 40 odd built-in games. Search the web for 'Atari Flashback' for more info.

Ah yes that one guy yes I almost spat out my coffee seeing it.
You might know that xbox 360's might last 5 or 10yrs before getting the dreaded red ring of death actually in fact the PS1 i have was manufactured the same year the console was built! over 20 years old now and works like a charm! My PS2 also made the same year it was released is still alive to this very day!
But you get the idea that next-gens like the PS4 or XONE or PS3 and Xbox360 actually don't last as long as the old game consoles. And that old game consoles are still alive today. One Experiment I want to try in the next 30 years is I will have an old PS1 & 2 and see if its still alive and kicking isn't it a good idea? Might try a Super NES and see if it works after 30 years. Then at least I will have something to occupy myself in my old life that is if the tv's with AV cables still exist. Maybe HDMI might dominate in the future and take over our old digital lives! Then a few angry outbursts might bring it back. But thats a long way to go isn't it HappyGeek?. Maybe take a holiday away from cloud-based comuters and go back into the old digital age. like going back to a Commodore or playing an ATARI. Yes the good old days isn't it great!

At least we still have our old memories...

My Magnavox Odyssey was manufactured in 1973 and it still works just fine. Can anyone beat a still working games console that is 42 this year?

This is a classic game console. Such simple graphics, simple design, yet the games are so addictive. Just don't like the controls, though, they give out way too fast compared to this generation's console controllers.

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