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I have been on DW and I have been wondering where everybody got there ideas for there username. Warrens80 is my school username so I just used it out of habit.

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I used to be known as CSCGal for the longest time around here, because I started DaniWeb while in college pursuing a degree in Computer Science, and at my University, the Comp Sci department went by the abbreviation CSC. I was one of only a small handful of girls in the department, hence CSCGal.

Since I've been out of school for a decade already, and everyone kept confusing my name with CSGal (leaving off the second C) or thinking I worked at Computer Science Corporation, I decided to change it to my actual nickname. My full name is Danielle but I've been going by Dani ever since college.

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That's really cool your username is one I was more interested in.

I've been through a number of username phases in my online life. I started off as dwindera on a conferencing system in Europe (based on the same software as The Well) back in the late eighties because when I registered as dwinder (my name is Davey Winder) the first attempt barfed and on the second attempt it wouldn't let me have dwinder and suggested dwindera instead.

Then I sort of morphed into waveydavey which came about partly due to a character created by the comedians Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer for a TV show they used to do, and partly down to me not being shy about whipping my, erm, 'gentleman' out and waving it around when drunk. I was known as Wavey Davey online and in print, on TV/Radio etc for many years.

About a decade ago I decided that I had outgrown Wavey Davey and had matured into something of a happy geek. Hence my current name and the one I use here on DaniWeb.

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partly down to me not being shy about whipping my, erm, 'gentleman' out and waving it around when drunk.

Haha we all have our weakness happygeek.

I've always loved the character, Reverend Jim, from the old TV series, Taxi. His actual name was Jim Ignatowski (he changed it from his real last name because he thought Ignatowski was "Star Child" backwards). He was originally brought in as a one-time guest start to perform Latka's wedding but proved to be so popular that he was added to the regular cast. My avatar is an actual characature of Reverend Jim. It's just a coincidence that The initials, R J, are the same as mine (Richard James).

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