Machine runs Microsoft Windows 10 (Home) and Microsoft Word 2016 (Home and Student). Recently it began turning on Tracking on new documents. I go in and disable it, it stays off for a day, then comes back on. Since I don't want to use that, it can be annoying.

All documents are saved on the PC -- OneDrive is enabled but we don't use it.

As a workaround, I selected the Review options, unchecked all boxes and saved yesterday to see what happens.

The only non-standard configuration piece I can think of is that we are using Carbonite (the online-only backup). I have seen this "restore" folders and file previously deleted even though that was not requested. In this case, however, edits are saved (displayed in their tracking accept/reject format) so it is not reverting the document ... just turning Tracking on and marking everything changed since the backed-up copy.

Any ideas?