tl;dr: Rust looks fun, but it'll take me a while to learn it. Do you think it's worth my time?

So... Rust. As in Mozilla Rust. You know, the one that's not Go, but still wants to be hip and young.

A little disclaimer: From years of firmware brainwashing, I tend to like the "lower" high-level languages like C. Consequently, I find C++ sexy and exotic. Not everyone does, and I get that.

Back to Rust. It looks interesting in terms of execution speed: Benchmarks against GCC . Speed is nice.

The language itself looks alright. I don't do much functional programming, but this seems like a reasonable introduction/refresher-course.

Can't say much for the job market, but who knows what the future holds? (I went to school with a guy who landed a position just for knowing Oz/Mozart b/c what the hell is Oz/Mozart?)

So... I haven't committed myself to taking the plunge just yet. Anyone have any thoughts or experiences they'd like to share?

I've certainly never heard of it, but I've barely touched anything beyond PHP since starting DaniWeb. That being said, if it interests you, then give it a whirl and see what you think. If it's enjoyable to write in, then delve further. As far as the job market ... I'm not so sure there's a need for half the languages that are out there nowadays, but who am I to say ;)

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