Hi there,

I am tired of Google on this subject. I can find hundreds of social bookmarking sites, but on most occasions more than 80% are dead and 10% out of remainder 20% are useless :-(


  1. The backlink must be visible on internet, you can submit hundreds of links on DIGG, but none appears anywhere. Many sites will just save your backlink in their DB. FARK won't take links either.
  2. The backlink must be Do Follow unless the PageRank is above 5. For eg. Reddit
  3. Google PageRank must be 1 at least. PR5 or more shall be highly appreciated.
  4. The site should be happy to take links from mainstream sites. For Eg. bizsugar, it's highly moderated and won't accept links :-(
  5. Make sure site is in working state.
  6. Please do not post links.. just share social sites..

If you share a Social bookmarking site in this thread without researching above criteria, your post shall be treated as SPAM!

We are in this situation coz most PLIGG sites cannot sustain with floods of URL submissions. It's not practical for a small site owner to moderate hundreds of URL submissions every hr / day. You put up a Pligg and links spammers will take your site down with porn / adult / warez and all such stuff.

Feel Free to ask any questions you have.

Re: Looking for list of Social Bookmarking Sites with DF Backlinks and PR1 or m 80 80

social book marking only high page rank like 8,9,10 is better .

Re: Looking for list of Social Bookmarking Sites with DF Backlinks and PR1 or m 80 80

You can find new social bookmarking sites list even daily but only few sites are worth to be used for bookmarking. So, concentrate on those sites alone.

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