hi im new here and heard that this site can help you on your computer/laptop problems!!
at the moment i have a normal destop computer and a Fujitsu Siemens Amilo L7300 laptop/notebook. i am currently having problems with it!! argh! :sad: when i turn on the laptop it displays the Fujitsu start up sign along with the <F2> Bios Setup <F12> Boot menu and <ESC> Skip boot logo..... USUALLY it then goes to the windows XP start up sign (to show XP is loading) and then goes to my login part... but it hasnt been doing this and i dont have a clue whats wrong!!! its bugging me because im a student and it means i cant use my laptop at ALL and my computers getting PRETTY old! :eek:
please someone help me ASAP and tell me why windows xp wont start !!! thank-you guys!

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Welcome to DaniWeb which is, indeed, the place to come to for computer help.

However, this is the wrong forum to ask for it, being a place to introduce yourself to the community rather than request specific help. You will get a much better response in the appropriate forum, which would appear to be Troubleshooting Dead Machines

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