A recent study done by a think tank hired by Canadian airline companies has come to the conclusion that if the airlines charged less money then people would buy more tickets.

I don't want to know how much money and time it took to come to that brilliant conclusion. What disappoints me is that this was reported on today's news with absolutely no comment by the newscaster.

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A news item the Belgium television reported that a cell phone contains GERMS!
It was explained by a expert bacteriologist that the germs and bacteria where mostly harmful. But she advised to clean it regularly with an anti bacteria tissue.
DUH, why do I have to kill my germs on my cell phone???


Thanks everyone for the entertainment.

I've been told that the price of gas is very important for car sales. I drive a Nissan Leaf and have bought 2 tanks of gas in 2 years since that purchase for my own transportation.

You can imagine I'm not a good candidate for a lot of surveys.


A recent study (maybe I should rename this thread) in Canada, publicly funded, has concluded that golfers who walk the course are healthier than golfers who use electric carts. I don't want to know how much money they got to research this gem.

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Golders? Is that some LOTR reference?

Correlation =/= causation. We need a follow-up study to see if walking in golf courses causes them to be healthy or if being unhealthy makes people want to use electric carts rather than walk. Or if it is actually a third factor - such as age - which makes people more likely to be unhealthy and be more likely to want to use electric carts.

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One of the hazards of owning a cat. Sometimes I have to type one-handed ^_^

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Who Owns Whom?

The study did not reach a conclusion (that was reported) as to causation. Perhaps they can now do a study to determine if people who have just had a drink of water are less thirsty than those who have not.

I was once in charge of collecting and analyzing the results of a province wide survey for the Manitoba Department of Education. Of all the survey forms that were sent out, only 65% were actually returned which makes any conclusions statistically invalid. The powers that be would nbot let me include that in the report. I was not even allowed to include the 65% response figure.

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