Hello. I found DaniWeb while searching for info on a malware. It looks like a good site to learn C++ and whatever else. If i make a friend or two that will be good also. I'm just a guy in Oklahoma who is making a new job with computers. z


Name - zsix
Nickname - z6
Height - 5' 7 1/2"
Weight - too damn much
Hair - hair?
Eyes - blue [unless i am pissed off then they are gray].
Location - Central Oklahoma
Age - 51

Hobbies - Model RR (n scale), classic mustang.

Relationship Status - Living alone and hating it.

Fav Music - Blues, real rock.

Education - Enough.

Favorite Movies - any well made sci-fi.

Favorite TV Shows - Anything educational, Simpsons.

Favorite Computer Games - Get outa here.

Stuff I Dislike - Litterbugs, liars and anyone who hurts kids or women.

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Hello zsix. Welcome to Daniweb. You are absolutely right. This is a very good place to learn C/C++. Check out the C/++ forum if you ever need to. There is a very good team of knowledgable posters who know every nook and corner of C and C++ ready to help you. And good luck with your new job.

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