I need help understanding a point mentioned in Facebook's platform terms. In order to be able to actually certify that I comply, I've been trying to get feedback regarding this but it's proven to be tough for some reason.

In Section 5b.Tech Providers

ii.2) You will ensure that Platform Data you maintain on behalf of one Client is maintained separately from that of other Clients;

What does the above mean precisely? We have all our clients' data in the same database, same tables, does this mean that we're incompliant because all their data is stored in the same database?

I believe that means that you just have to store the user’s data individually associated with the user. For example, if you have a table in the database, there’s a different record for each user, such that you can retrieve a single user record.

I believe the purpose of the paragraph is to ensure that you aren’t aggregating data across many users and storing that aggregated data for the purpose of analyzing big data, etc., but that instead each user has an individual record in your data store that is meant to only benefit how that individual user uses your app.

Only way to be certain is to talk to a lawyer, who can then ask them...

But apart from Dani's suggestion, which is a good one, it can also mean you're not allowed to share the data with others (as that'd be potentially illegal, especially in the EU, but also cost Facebook money as they themselves make a lot of money selling that very data).

Apologies for the late response everyone.

Thanks for taking time to respond to my question guys, to be honest I think (regardless of some good suggestions), yes the only way to be truly certain is to ask a lawyer.

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