How build a profile and what are the tips for busines marketng. Please share your views.

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You can create company page in linkedin as well as company profile, joined new groups releated to your business, joined connetion as well as gain followers for the page. by this way you can do the marketing through linkedin.

Linkedin one of business related social networking sites..

The trick is to use all of LinkedIn's little secrets and features so you can make full use of the popular social network. Here are some of LinkedIn features to be aware of.
- Mentions
- Linkedin search
- Company pages
- Get introduced
- Linkedin signals

Hi Neha, Now a days people using linkedin as a Recruitment website. Most of the people searching the jobs through Linkedin. So try to update your business page with the services. Try to update the business page with the correct details and invite people to join in your network. Try to add your niches also.


Just add relative linkedin connections and talk to those people because they can be a potential client/s to your business.


Same for me also because i haven't twitter account any one share your ideas about twitter,tips and techniques for social media marketing on twitter

what are the various features of twitter and its importance in social media marketing,how to drive traffic or to promote the website,do share your experience regarding this

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Actually , it is better to create company page to do marketing

you can create your company page add relavent groups and use this account for promotion marketing, connect with other business profiles.

First make a company page if not on LinkedIn. Then optimize it accordingly. Look for the people, companies and groups associated to your business in order to prvide exposure to your business.

Make profile, page and use it properly for business

If you want to increase your business on linkedIn than you will have to post good information in your profile in relevant category.


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