I have just started a Twitter marketing campaign and i am not that much experience about it. But i am trying to learn and i need your suggestions. Tell me how can i get tons of followers in short span of time?

Place interesting content on your page. It can be any quality information about your product and related topics.

I don't follow marketing tweets. So that's a dead end for you to gain anyone I know.

If you increase twiter followers . some tips use
1 - post great content.
2 - Writea profeional bio.
3 - Use hashtags.
4 - Place a Facebook/Twitter/Instagram logo on your blog.
5 - Engage With others on the sicial platforms.
6 - Make sure your content is shareable.
7 - Reshare other people content.
8 - Reach out to influencers.
Other more useable Free tool increase your twitter followers . Twinnds , Follow button , hootsuite etc .

I just bought Sendible (http://bit.ly/2pmmfmJ) for managing social media campaign. It is capable to maintain Twitter, Facebook and other social media accounts. Let's see what will i get and i will post update.

Twitter followers can be increased if your posts are posted on time. If the posts have a good content, proper hash tags, the right images, then you can certainly get good number of followers. Pun intended posts gather huge crowd.

According to my experience, you can increase followers by using relevant hash tags, infographics, relevant content.

If you really want to increase twitter followers then you should use my stratgey.
Write a professional bio. Use hashtags. Place a Twitter logo on your blog. Engage with others on the social platforms. Make sure your content is shareable. Reshare other people's content.
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