I have a memes website and I want to drive traffic from social media. I have a Facebook page with 20,000+ fans but when I post I hardly get any traffic.
I also tried Pinterest but most users just bounce off the website, although it can drive a good amount of traffic.
I haven't tried Twitter and Instagram and that is because I am mainly focusing on desktop traffic.

What social network should I condition or recondition to drive traffic? I want to work with one?

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There are articles about that topic but from what I've seen of your posts here you seem to be directionless at times or jumping from forex to memes and web site building. You may want to pick areas you like doing and do your best at those.

I think details matter. Don't leave odd things undone like your current tagline. Correct the spelling at the very least and then consider something with meaning.

As to memes, I don't see how you can compete with juggernauts like imgur.com today. How are you unique?

It's pretty simple I guess. What you post on FB is not interesting enough to engage clicks and if visitors bounce off your website pretty quick, then there's something seriously wrong with the landing page.

You post for quite some time about your meme site, but never include a link. Can you post a link, so I/we can see what might be causing a high bounce rate? Also what's your FB page?


because I am mainly focusing on desktop traffic

Why? Loads of users use the FB app on their phone, so what about them? Seriously, I'm really curious to your meme site :)

Regularly share your content on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. If there is such possibility to ask other people/friends/etc to promote your page, do it. Add links to active social profiles on other social profiles.
And register on Twitter, it is a powerful platform now. With the help of hashtags, you will grow quickly your social media audience.
Moreover,you must interact with people on your social media profiles. Reply To the comments, talk to them and network. They are the ones who are going to tell their friends about you and your awesome instagram page.

I believe you should also try Instagram plus proper keywords. In my experience, though I have a few followers as a starter, it is easier to get hearts when you nail the proper keywords/hashtags. You should also keep on posting contents and analyze where do you get most likes. What kind of posts attract people who visit my social media site? I hope thjs helps.

post most appropriate content and post what audience want not you, post on different social media platforms, and the last boost the post with proper startegy

Share your content,post ,quates and whatever your website is about share related post to the social media platforms which will help you engage more traffics

Frist thing you can do is sending invitation to your friends to like. Ask your frieds to invite their friends too. And create quality content to post. Find your audience & target them.

Be Active on Social media
Post Content evreyday

It's easy, but takes much time. But, if u use special tool or service, then you'll promote everything fast

Use special tool for it, there are many of them working pretty well

Social Media Marketing focuses on some elements that are most crucial in bringing more attention to a business’s profile and provide true monetary value.
They are:
Publish interesting content to customers
Connecting with influential followers
Offering Coupons to Build a Fan Base
Make Your Posts Visual
Join Question & Answer Sessions
Add Relevant Hashtags (#) to Your Posts
Create Polls & Surveys

  1. Find The Right Content For Your Audience
  2. Get To Know Your Facebook Page Insights
  3. Use HD images/videos
  4. Be attentive to people's comments/queries
  5. Include Evergreen Content
  6. Schedule Your Posting Times
  7. Plan Your Content In Advance

Unfortunately there is no unique method to do it. As you have mention you have memes website And obviously you are posting memes on social media. Ideally memes can get good good engament on social media so that just mention your link while you are posting and make a link with your image that drives traffic directly on your website.

the only way to build audience on your social media is a

  1. quality and engaging content
  2. attractive title with info
  3. daily updates with trending topics
  4. engage with audience with thier solutions and reply them
  5. select a time when most of people actiive on social media

Hi Everyone, I am pitambra Kapoor from Digital Technology Institute in Delhi.

In terms of target audiences, there are several factors to acknowledge. First of all, are you sure that this is the right audience for you to target? Is it a niche group or a considerable one?

If you know the answers to these questions you can check out how definite audience targeting can be done with Facebook for example. You can also look into other ways to target audiences who parallel your target group as well.

Another way to go about it, for example, would be to order custom reports and analysis on audience targeting; it all really depends on your needs, budget and time.

Add Social Profiles on your Website.
Include strong bio for social accounts.
Promote your social profiles.
Engage with the target audience.
Join in social media groups.
Use relevant and popular hashtags in your posts.

I suggest reddit...it is one of the best traffic source according to me

lot of good social platforms are there. myspace and tumblr are doing good.

Consistency and creativity builds audience to your social media..first you nead to create a social media strategy like what to post and when post. after posting keep resonding to the comments.

Perhaps try reddit? My boyfriend browses reddit daily and all he seems to do is scroll through memes. They don't like blatant ads though, depending on the subreddit, so don't spam. Facebook and instagram seem to me to be practically designed to promote a meme's site.

  1. Choose the right social platform
  2. Analyze your competitors
  3. Complete your profiles (yes, your personal ones too)
  4. Be consistent with your brand
  5. Share awesome content
  6. Connect with industry thought leaders and influencers

One thing keep in your mind that traffic always comes from quality content so their is not any single particular way to flow traffic towrads your site just focus on your content always try to improve make some changes to so when google accept your changes the ranking of site will increase and for social media make some quality content post related to your site so it will surely drive traffic towards your site.

Good Luck for your site.

The first step to build an audience on social media is to show them what they never saw
1) Great content which stands out . Social media is all about great content . The one with rich content will always win . Create content in your niche with images , videos , memes etc
2) Promote it on other platform
3) Use relevant hashtags in your niche
4) Try making content on trending topics
5) You can use paid ads from fb or twitter to promote or reach new audience

New contests can be a great way to like and follow your accounts, while also keeping your existing fans engaged with your page.

It is worth experimenting with competitions on every social network in which you are active. Some examples of social media contests include:

Comment to win - Participants leave a comment or answer a question
Caption Contest - Either the best caption (your choice) or the one with the most likes wins
Fill in the blanks - ask participants to answer a test question
Image Contest - Either the best image (which you choose) or the one that wins the most
Multiple election contests
Promote it everywhere - use your website, email list, and other social networks to promote engagement.
Don't give rewards completely unrelated to your brand - for example, if you give a new member, you can get a lot more engagement and engagement, but not necessarily by people who end up with customers or for ages. Will become fans of
Follow the rules of the platform - Each social platform has its own rules and regulations around competitions. Here is an overview of the key details.
Follow up with visitors who don't win - thank them for participating, as well as send us something about your brand / organization's work.

Hold contests and include a visual wirth every post and share videos give a reson people follow you and shange the profile may be these steps build audience on social media...

1)identify your ideal outlets.
2)Define your audience.
3)Create your content.
4)Use strategic hashtags.
5)Encourage sharing.
6)Write strong leads.
7)Use visuals.
8)Implement videos.**

You must try Twitter also to get more impressions and traffic.

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