I have a memes website and I want to drive traffic from social media. I have a Facebook page with 20,000+ fans but when I post I hardly get any traffic.
I also tried Pinterest but most users just bounce off the website, although it can drive a good amount of traffic.
I haven't tried Twitter and Instagram and that is because I am mainly focusing on desktop traffic.

What social network should I condition or recondition to drive traffic? I want to work with one?

There are articles about that topic but from what I've seen of your posts here you seem to be directionless at times or jumping from forex to memes and web site building. You may want to pick areas you like doing and do your best at those.

I think details matter. Don't leave odd things undone like your current tagline. Correct the spelling at the very least and then consider something with meaning.

As to memes, I don't see how you can compete with juggernauts like imgur.com today. How are you unique?

It's pretty simple I guess. What you post on FB is not interesting enough to engage clicks and if visitors bounce off your website pretty quick, then there's something seriously wrong with the landing page.

You post for quite some time about your meme site, but never include a link. Can you post a link, so I/we can see what might be causing a high bounce rate? Also what's your FB page?


because I am mainly focusing on desktop traffic

Why? Loads of users use the FB app on their phone, so what about them? Seriously, I'm really curious to your meme site :)

Regularly share your content on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. If there is such possibility to ask other people/friends/etc to promote your page, do it. Add links to active social profiles on other social profiles.
And register on Twitter, it is a powerful platform now. With the help of hashtags, you will grow quickly your social media audience.
Moreover,you must interact with people on your social media profiles. Reply To the comments, talk to them and network. They are the ones who are going to tell their friends about you and your awesome instagram page.

I believe you should also try Instagram plus proper keywords. In my experience, though I have a few followers as a starter, it is easier to get hearts when you nail the proper keywords/hashtags. You should also keep on posting contents and analyze where do you get most likes. What kind of posts attract people who visit my social media site? I hope thjs helps.