Hi everyone. I am almost certain that there is a better place for this thread to be, and i have looked but to no avail. If someone does know where it should be could you please move it :)

Anyways.. I was just wondering what the best free web hosting options were nowadays. I'm looking for something without adverts, but am not too bothered about bandwidth capping to be honest.

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It's an list of a load of hosts, however I have the feeling that the list somehow is connected to how much an host is willing to pay :P. It is however an good list telling you some details quickly and fast. YOu should check it out.


Actually i have already taken a look at those things and trust me they lack some or the other features.

The sites which i have recommended have support for both MySQL database and PHP files. And what more you can convert the space you own into a blog just with the press of a single button.

Hope it helped, bye.

ah, i have used dot.tk many a time but that was a couple of years ago (back when you had to look like your average geek to be one :lol: ) the other two i googled.

darren :cool:

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