i am new in web developing , i want to develop a web sites in which when i will click a link or menu item i want to open a page , which will ask a question such as pls enter telephone no. to search , then it will search this no. in my access /sql database and then in next page it will shows all the information related to that phone no. stored in database , that is name , address , email id etc and even photographs which r saving in a file in jpg form , is any buddy will help , how i should start and from where i should start in easiest and efficient way because i have no knowledge . thanks

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1. Learn HTML
2. Learn the basics of Database design
3. Learn SQL
4. Learn to write/communicate well

can u help me with some examples. in books it take to much time . thanks for relply

It's "you", not "u". You'll have to ask specific questions to get any meaningful help. For examples on HTML, you can use any web page. View the source, study it. Make copies and experiment.

ok sorry i will kept this mistakes in mind because in massanger we r using this type of character so i used here , and unfortunately i didn't read the massage from the forum.
from where i should start , waht type of soft ware is required and how i will start .

Right, this isn't Messenger. It's a forum for technical discussion. In order to communicate with each other, we have to be precise. To do that, we've decided that standard English is required.

To start learning HTML,

1. Get a good text editor. There are many. I like TextPad.
2. Read a good tutorial. You say you don't like books. Sorry, there are no shortcuts. Either get a book, or study HTML online.

I doubt anyone here is willing to give a complete breakdown on HTML to someone who isn't willing to take the time to crack open a book and study. I wish you well.

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Agree... There is no easy way to learn how things get done. Get buzy reading, be prepared to read constantly or just give it up and spend some bucks for someone to get your website done.
If you are going to code to make your living better get some books and prepare yourself for long hours of reading and exhausting countless attempts and questions like "OK, I did it right, why doesn't work!".
If you don't like this perspective- just give it up and save yourself some effort.

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