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you can do a search like this:

site:http://yourdomain.tld cabbage

to search for all instances of 'cabbage' in your indexed pages... or leave off the search term to just find all of your indexed pages..

as for keywords, i find these two sites are good for 'honing' your keywords:

webmaster central at google http://www.google.com/webmasters/ should give you a bit extra info if you've registered your domain..

with google, you can't search in results... there used to be search engines that let you do that, I can't remember any of them anymore... I suppose they don't have it in google because you have quite alot of control in a single search; a search for 'computer programming' (w/o quotes) is a search for pages with programming in pages with computer.


Yeah, but these things still don't tell you where you are in the search engine. Looks like the only way is still just to go through all the pages. Oh well...;)


I kind of get what you mean, like search for a keyword, and then search for your page's rank on that keyword...

There are free-standing SEO programs that do this for you; effectively they do just do a google search and then look for your site in the results... I use a free version of IBP (www.Axandra.com) to check out my site every now and again, I think the paid version has alot more functionality for search result analysis.. but even the free version is worth checking out.

This is also worth checking out if you're interested:
You could issue a request for a search term, and then very quickly process the results yourself to find your site's inclusion point. You'd have to write your own result processor, but it wouldn't need to be very advanced if you just want a quick one-off answer.


I have tried the IPB thing before, but it seemed pretty rubish TBH.

I will look at the google code though. Thanks mate.

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