I have been running my DSL through my USB for months now. I got a wireless router (WRT54G) to hook up my Nintendo Wii. However, I need to go through the internet with the ethernet cable. Whenever I try to connect using the ethernet, it doesn't work. I really don't know where to go from here. I've followed the installation CD and it doesn't work...it will not connect to the internet. Any help??

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With most modems I have seen, when you are using the USB port for connection to a computer, the ethernet port becomes disabled automatically. If that is what you have at the moment, you will need to pop an ethernet card into your computer, pick up a decent 10/100 WiFi Router to complete your network. The reason I advise the router over a switch and a wifi access point is it is cheaper to buy the wifi router with built in switch, then either configure the modem as a bridge and use the router to control DHCP etc. with your network, or simply disable the router's dhcp and use it as a glorified switch. Also check with your ISP. I have a friend here with Bellsouth DSL and they managed to get an all in one DSL modem/router/wifi unit. It was only a b/g wifi but it got really decent speeds and it was free.

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I got the same router with NTL cable (dsl) broadband and i needed to tell the router to clone the MAC address of my pc as the cable modem bound itself to it when i registered

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