I've got a problem with my windows XP-pro (service pack 1) operated PC. It cannot process some particular web sites. e.g. when I tried to go to this URL:

IE (even Netscape) either hung up (not responding) or shut down itself.

Any help and ideas would be much appreciated.


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I can view the site. My security is set to medium and my privacy is set to medium high in my Internet Explorer 6.0. (Tools > Internet Options)

It is possible that you have blocked the website in your firewall if you banned the address. (I use McAfee.)

It could be that the site is listed in your Hosts file. That site is not in the latest hosts file from Gorilla. Your hosts file is at c:\winnt\system32\drivers\etc\hosts with XP Pro. Rename the file "hosts old" and try it. Be sure to change the name back to "hosts" later.

This is a remote possibility, but would occur on all websites: http://forum.find-a-drug.com/viewtopic.php?t=1950 .

The hosts file is cool. Those are the sites which are looped back when they try to call out or you attempt to reach the sites listed.


The site you provided a link to has some java applets in it. Perhaps your java runtime environment (jre) provided by either microsoft or sun microsystems is corrupt, so every site you access with java applets gets screwed up??


That's what I thought. Have downloaded the new JRE from sun microsystems but still not working.

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