well the xbox 360 isnt backwareds compatible with that many games and it hasnt hurt its sales that much. i mean , in reality, how many of us actually played our old ps1 games when we got a ps2?

i have both. get a wii.
XBOX = Halo3
PS3 = Linux support ond insane graphics
wii = PARTY TIME!!!! (better while drinking...)

i would say to purchase an xbox 360 over a ps3. i say this because
1.PS3 is way more expesive than the box.
2. personally i think the box has better games and has more games than the ps3
3. X-box live has more to offer then ps3 and it may cost money but well well well well well well worthwhile.

So in conclusion you should definitely purchase a WII:confused:

Man,the ps3 has way better graphics, and it has a way better version of oblivion and it has a cool controller,you can actually hold it, unlike the catastrophe known as the 360 controller.You need like 4 arms to hold it.

i like the Xbox controllers because i have big hands. The PS2 ones give me cramps becasuse they were designed for small japanese people

I have become totally addicted to Elder Scrolls: Oblivion on the PS3 it has to be said.

As for who plays older games on newer consoles, my family does. The vast majority of our collection of 100+ PS2 titles work just fine and dandy on the PS3 - even the UK version which has been surgically butchered to prevent this from happening ;)

I thought the UK PS3 wasn't going to be backward compatible. How did you make it work?

It just works, most of the time. There have been a handful of firmware upgrades since launch which might have helped.

We have 110 PS2 titles, of which 95 worked OK straight out of the box. Which is what, 86% or thereabouts.

Sony have a list of titles along with how well they work, from no problems to not at all, on their PS3 website IIRC.

i like the Xbox controllers because i have big hands. The PS2 ones give me cramps becasuse they were designed for small japanese people

Yeah, then the new ps3 ones might help because they are longer.Japanese people must have exponentially grown over 5 years and have huge jbennet hands now.

i didnt mean any offense to japanase people, its just that nearly all the japanase people i know small hands,

I know,I was just kidding.;-)


I am currently working in video game retail, and I speak from experience with many satisfied (and equally dissatisfied) customers.

With the PS3, many customers are currently experiencing a lack of system-exclusive titles. Even where Sony has managed to squeak out a few good exclusives (Motorstorm, Resistance) they don't seem to be able to do it ethically, as the lawsuit they now face suggests. Motorstorm is a fantastic game. It is easily the best that I've seen on the console so far. Is it $600 awesome? I'd have to get back to you on that one.

The 360 also has its good and its bad. Where Sony has lack of variety in gaming, Microsoft offers exactly the opposite. Hard-hitting titles like Gears of War, and soon to be Halo 3 are exclusive, and awesome. Halo 3's beta testing phase was a huge hit with our store, and many of our customers are looking forward to the release in September. Likewise, titles like Madden, NCAA, and Assassin's Creed are luring in fans from both Sony's and Microsoft's markets, for their respective systems. Microsoft also has Too Human, and a few other system exclusives in its future.

As for the Wii... This is the only system I have managed to afford thus far. In my opinion, it is the most versatile, and unique. The unique controls have revolutionized games like Mario Party, which doesn't appeal to everyone. But for those interested, it is a crowd pleaser. Nintendo has kept up with the big dogs as far as sales, and seems to be the most durable of the trio. Our store has yet to see a single defective Wii return, whereas PS3 and 360 have had quite a few woes already.

Hope this is some benefit to you!

commented: Mario Party +2

actually, a number of wiiis have overhating problems like the 360 does

The 360 has way too many glitches in it for me to spend 400 on it.Now the PS3......there is a work of art in the videogame industry.

actually, a number of wiiis have overhating problems like the 360 does

I have yet to see any evidence of what you're talking about. I've been selling these units since the launch last November, and ironically enough, just today I had a phone call about a defective one, and even that didn't involve overheating. He indicated there was some issue with the laser lens reading the disc. Not to say that the problem didn't exist, but I've yet to see a single incident, including my own.

To add my 2 cents here... way back when the ps3 was just coming in... I put a reserve on one of 16 PS3 coming on release date (US) through a commonly known gaming store. I was going to sell the thing on Ebay and make easily 4x the amount that I bought it for... then sony cut the shipment to 8 thus I didn't get one til later when the hype had gone down. So i decided to keep the stupid thing... My plan was to sell it make money then go buy a 360... turns out that I am extremely happy with the PS3.

Blu-Ray... awesome for my HDTV... movies in HiDef... definately a plus... btw... 300 is awesome in HD just to let you know...

HOME, home is coming out late this year. It is supposed to be the lazy mans excuse for everything. I hear that it is a virtual reality of the real world where you can throw a party play music and everybody there hears the same music. You can go to a movie rental shop and rent a movie it gets sent directly to your PS3. You can go to a pizza shop order a pizza and it will show up at your doorstep... need I say more... true... IT MIGHT NOT DO ALL THIS STUFF... but ive heard rumors...

Connects to a psp for added mobility/luxury

Its mighty expensive... $600 for a 80gb PS# now or $500 for a 60gb while supplies last...

Lack of any game selection... theres nothing here that isnt on other systems... except resistance and motorstorm...

And I miss out on Halo 3... bummer :(

Only one consideration in my mind: HALO3 and it runs only on X360

I'd personally get a PS3, just to see Gran Turismo in it's HD Glory :)

Seeing as you have a back catalogue of games on the PS2, i would go for the PS3, so you can still play them.

Also the PS3 is the cheapest Blue-Ray Player :P

The gran turismo hd concept "trial" is out... you can dl it onto your ps3... and I must say... its amazing... ive literally spend hours just sitting there running the track...

When i get a PS3, GT HD is the top of my list! :)

Also I believe there is a league table of the best racers, am i right in that?

Woah! From College? Woah! How Wild..Shut up retard.

Woah! From College? Woah! How Wild..Shut up retard.Please no need to emphasize on someone from college.Not everyone in college is a genius.

PS3 Little big planet

Erm, that thread was from 2007...

I bought an Xbox 360 and a PS3 in the end.

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