I am also having a problem with my cdrom drive except the script wasn't able to help. Now my cd drive is receiving power (with blinking green light and all) and is properly connected ( I tried with 3 different cables and made sure that they were plugged in tight) but my computer doesn't recognize that there is even a drive there. The drive does try and read disks and out of the blue I will check My Computer and my cd rom drive shows up and works fine...but it's a very rare occation and once I turn off the computer it's gone. I have xp and the cd drive worked fine on my old computer (which had windows ME), could it be a compatability issue?
IT'S DRIVING ME MAD...I need my gaming fix lol

I have xp and the cd drive worked fine on my old computer

When you moved the drive into the new computer, did you make sure to verify that the Master/Slave jumper setting on the drive was correct for the drive's position on the new computer's IDE channels?

could it be a compatability issue?

That is something that you would need to verify, as you're the one who knows the make/model of the drive. Look it up on Microsoft's Hardware Compatibilty List and also check the manufacturer's support site to see if there are any known issues with that particular device.

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