i recently built myself a new system running an AMD64 3400+ socket 754. when purchasing this i didnt think it came with a stock Heatsink and fan, but it did. So with this i also bought a Nexus AXP-6400, look at the link below. (http://www.novatech.co.uk/novatech/specpage.html?NEX-AXP64)
i have an 80mm fan at the top-back of the case beneath the PSU blowing air out of the case and i am going to get another 2 80mm's in the front that will blow air from the front into the rest of the case, this will only circulate air tho i think because they wont really have access to the cooler air outside the case. but anyway, with the nexus heatsink+fan on the cpu was running at 45/50 degrees celcius (with side panel on) idle and then went up to 60/65 with gaming which really doesnt look good to me! yesterday i decided to test the stock heatsink and fan to see if it was better but it isnt and it doest cool the cpu as well. i probably messed everything up though because i used water to clean the thermal compund off...lol. i was wondering if anyone had knows good temperature boundaries for my CPU or any good heatsinks and fans i could buy. i dont care how loud it is, all i care about is how cool it keeps the CPU =)

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Cheers Coconut Monkey =D, I just bought 2 80mm fans today and stuck them in the lower front end of my case blowing air into the case, but they dont really have a good supply of outside air themselves, but hopefully they will make a difference!
i am also currently hackin up my side panel and fitting a 120mm fan directly in line with my CPU and mobo, this should help quite a bit...i hope =p
I might also buy a zalman cpu HSF or an asus arctic 4 in 1 or something along those lines, looks quite powerful.
Thanks again =)

i wouldnt be too concerned about a temperature somewhere between 50-60C, my system is running at 57-59C for almost a year now and never had any thermal probs. No special cooling installed also. Just the cpu fan, and a case fan. Thats it

yeah but my temperature varies from 40 degrees when idling with the side panel of (which it always seems to be lol) then can go upto 55 degrees. which as u said isnt really anything to worry about, but if i put the panel on it goes to 60/65 after hardcore gaming! which is pretty bad!?
im just reading about some SY-TECH fan that is supposedly really good because it doesnt have a motor in the middle, it uses magnets to spin the fan bit, and it MUCH better for cpu cooling.
Thanks Bad Karma

Check out the Zalman quiet cpu cooler - fan sits inside the radiator fins - it is about a pound of copper/aluminm. Also, I don't think it is a good idea to have more air blowing into the machine than out - if you do put 2 fan sucking up front you really should have 2 fans blowing out the back to keep the air flow good. You might also wrap your ribbon cables into tubes w/tape (or spring for the pre-made round cables) to improve air flow.

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thanks mate, but ive heard the zalman coolers are extremely heavy lol! And i move my tower about loads coz im always taking hard drives out to take to friends houses lol. im looking at a cpu cooler at the mo that has a 120 mm fan suspended above the heatsink, rather than the normal fan bolted to a heatsink, i cant remmember the manufacturer though, this fan suspension method was invented by them though. I recently fixed those 2 120mm fans to my case...with the help of a jig-saw and drill lol, slaughtered my case! i have one on the top blowing in, but i think i will change it to extracting the hot air, makes more sense. And the other is on the side panel directly over my cpu, so it blows on that and the rest of the system, then there is the 80mm extrating at the back and the 2 80mm at the front blowing in to the system, but they dont really have anywhere to get fresh air from because the front of the case doesnt have a big hole or anything in, so they probly do very little...
Before i added the second 120mm on the top it was idling at around 38-40 degrees which is was pretty chuft with :D but then when i added the next one which is also blowing in, it went up to 45 idling...which is gay, therefore ill have to turn it around, but i gotta make another hole to get the adapters and wires through..yay. that should improve it tho so it'll be worth it! i got 7 fans going in my PC now lol..quite a few! now i just gotta figure out how to stop half life 2 crashing constantly...know anything about that? lol.
thanks for the help!

65C is actually fine for a processor. That's about what most processors stay at when they're running at full load.

65C is actually fine for a processor. That's about what most processors stay at when they're running at full load.


I'm confused about one thing. Assuming you have the most fans per sqr mtr on this planet, and your cpu is very cold. How many PSU have you connected to your case.

There is a formula for this, can't remember where I saw it, but can remember I blew my own PSU doing just what you are now.....

If your heat-sink and fan came with the cpu, there a good chance it might be just right, no guarantees, but its possible....


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