If you are a webmaster and link to audio or video and/or sites that contain audio or video, you could be next!


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Acacia Media Technologies
U.S. Patent numbers 5,132,992; 5,253,275; 5,550,863; 6,002,720; 6,144,702

Acacia Media Technologies has amassed an intellectual property portfolio covering several technologies, including patents that claim, among other things, the transmission of compressed video and music content via the Internet.

In a systematic way, Acacia began offering licenses late last year to several Web content providers, starting first with adult websites. Many of those sites banned together to try to fight Acacia's patents. Others agreed to license the technology. Acacia has moved on to more mainstream content providers, securing a license from many including Radio Free Virgin. Citing that license as an example, Acacia is also informing other online content providers like RadioIO that its actions allegedly infringe Acacia's patents and seeking up to three-quarters of a percent of the company's revenue as a licensing fee.



Here are some more links and quotes... I am trying to get this information to the public. I've asked some peers to help, but I guess they are scared of being sued. Acacia has already filed for conspiracy charges. They are attacking adult webmasters first because most people hate us. But if they win against us, there will be no end to who they can go after next.


First of all thoughts about the above thread. I haven't received a packet so I haven't had a chance to go over anything that some of you are looking at. However I wanted to throw this comment out there for further discussion and maybe somebody that has a packet can clear this up.

The other thread basically says that Acacia does have a patent related to streaming video but that patent is for 1 particular type. Other theories have been that Acacia is just bullying people into signing hoping they won't decide to fight. Also, others have stated that once you sign the contract they send you it is binding regardless of what happens with the patent suit that is pending between Acacia and IMPA.

If this is true wouldn't the people that already signed a contract stating they are going to be paying Acacia a percentage of their earnings have to continue to do so even if Acacia loses and the patent is overturned? If this is a posibility Acacia may just be using a scare tactic to get as many companies as possible to enter into an agreement with them. Then if their patent is overturned they tell the companies that signed that they must continue to pay because they have entered into a binding contract? Acacia may have known all along that they don't have a chance of keeping the patent and are just trying to get as many people to sign a contract with them as they can before it's overturned in court.

Maybe someone here has a copy of the contract that could clarify this? However, I imagine the contract states that you can't share the information with anyone else.

Another thing that strikes me funny is that Acacia wants a percentage of your gross income regardless of what percentage of your business uses the software/idea in question. For arguements sake lets say Acacia has a valid patent and every right to request money from people streaming video. What if I have a site that is 98% text and pictures and 2% video? Acacia is entitled to 2% of my entire operation? I only make approximately 2% of my income from video so I would be in essence paying 100% of the gross from video? Even with a valid patent I doubt this would be legal.

To me this sounds too much like a gym membership. Once you sign you are royally fucked no matter what the outcome with lawsuit to overturn the patent because you entered into a binding contract. The fact that Acacia's swag is getting more threatening looks like an indicator they are trying to scare as many people into signing as they can before the inevitable happens. If they get a couple million a year in contracts signed and then the patent is overturned this could be what they planned all along.

Like I said, I haven't had contact with them so I could be way off base here. Does anybody that has received the material and/or a contract want to tell me if I'm going in the wrong direction with this?

Hell I could send every webmaster on here a letter demanding payment for using a text link and threaten to sue if they don't pay me. Anybody can sue for any reason, that doesn't mean I would win. However, if you signed a contract with me ahead of time giving me the right to a percentage of your business income you would be held liable in court.

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moderators please forgive me for the links to other forum/adult site but this problem is very important not only for us adult webmasters I hope you realize.


Follow up on Acacia and TWO OTHER companies that are filing patent (abuse) cases against companies.

While the news has picked up on Acacia's efforts with the adult industry, news hasn't picked up on their attack of universities and schools.

Fight The Patent!




Yes, they sent our university a package. It has alot of BS in it that really doesn't add up to much. It is obvious that they are looking to have people sign up so that they can later endorse the signed contract. I've talked to the V.P. of this company (Karlton C. Butts) and he wanted our university to send him a notice that we are not using this technology to teach courses over the internet. (We're not, but I wish we were, we can use the extra revenue). He stated that the very act of downloading video/auido files is an enfrignment on their patent. Keep in mind that we're not talking about a software or hardware item, but instead the very "process" itself. I told him he was crazy and that I'd have more respect for his patent if it contributed to my ability to see video over the internet and not just stating that you own rights to a "process" by clicking a link. It has my university running scared... If it was up to me, then I'd tell them to go to hell...... and get a real job...


They are also going after MUCH larger fish now, not just porn, internet radio, and universities. I've consulted with the corporate lawyers for the company I work for and advised them NOT to honor acacia's bogus demands. The technology department here is very angry. We do NOT take kindly to being pushed around and threatend by a little pissant company like acacia. We have millions in our war chest and are not afraid of a legal fight. (I just hope the corp lawyers are as pissed was we in the tech group are.)

Adding our company's name to their List of Chumps who've caved in would be a HUGE feather in thier cap, and we can't have that, now can we.


I am interested into how and why exactly they own a patent on media compression technology?

they don't, they have a process patent that can utilize any 3rd party technology.....

their patent is essentially the process of digitizing, compressing, storing, transmitting, and viewing of digital audio or video.

Learn more about the patent abuse cases that i am tracking at http://www.FightThePatent.com


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