I am developing a new website as a hobby, and for about a half year ago a bought itshark.com without thinking that the most common translation on shark is swindle. So, welcome to itswindle.com :-( Shark can also mean to be clever on something, but thats just a slang word. After I discovered that, I have lost all the joy creating webpages, so I have done almost nothing on the page.

What I am asking for is following:
What do you think when you visit a page named itshark, would you thought it was a swindle page or a seriously community of it entusiasts? Since I comes from Norway, its difficult for me to ask on Norwegian forums about a name that is in english.

So please answer, either I have got a attractive domain, or a domain that people will think contains viruses and swindle attemts.

Best regards from Håkon Hassel

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id personally have thaught of it as an IT recruitment company. Recruitment is what i associate the word shark with


Nice, so people can associate the site by other things that swindle :-)
Is there anyone else that have other associations about itshark? I'll be glad to get anything.

- Best Regards Håkon, or should I say Haakon in the english letters ;-)


Yes, like to be listen for something. I'll revalidate the use of the page, ITS hark could be better than shark :-)

Thankyou for your advise, I am now going to mark this thread as solved.


i didn't think anything of it until your paranoid mind brought it up lol
it just sounds like another web domain name in a world where all the good ones seem to be taken, i don't think people take much notice of trying to decrypt and understand the domainnames these days, i think a memorable site is based solely on how well it can be remembered and itshark seems very easy in that respect.
i wouldn't worry about it ;)

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