Hi, I have created a piece of open source software, and I am going to distribute it via a website (when it is fully completed), but I would also like to be able to send copies of the software in a box to those who will pay a small amount (cost of shipping), where can I find a company who makes software boxes to order and also would it be better to design it myself or get a professional? Do you know of any good ones? Also, I will need to find a good CD duplication and printing service, any one know any? Finally (I promise) I would also be looking at distributing the User Manual with it (although they could order it on a cd if they want) what is the best way of getting that printed?

Thanks if you can help me in anyway, and I apologise if this is in the wrong forum,


What kind of software is it and what is its purpose?

Well, actually there are quite a few pieces I want to distribute, ranging from text editors to a paint program. I think it would be better (and more eco friendly) if I distribute the manual on the same/separate CD.