Hi there,

I'm new one on this forum but I'm kinda a toolbar enthusiast which means I'm looking for the great toolbar. :cheesy: I tried lots of them such as yahoo and msn but I don't really like so.

This is the graphicaly enhanced one I tried recently and I like it so far. http://www.download.com/Viewpoint-Toolbar/3000-2379-10290349.html?tag=lst-0-7

What I really like is that it can show the all pup-up reviews on the top instead of blocking all of them so you won't be bothered meanwhile you won't miss some important information. I also like the picture review when I only search image or video clips.

It's cool. I guess you'll like it. or let me know other cool toolbars. (I just read that someone made their own toolbars) thanks!! ;)

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i just use google toolbar. i hate popups and theres no reason to save them to a new window because all popups are junk. If i need to click on a link i know to hold ctrl down so that i can bypass the blocker.


im goin to say the very few times i use IE i use the google toolbar :) its really nice i like it

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