Hello... My name is Steve Behling, and I live in South Bend, Indiana.
Likes....Good movies such as Independence Day..The war of the worlds...The Train.
Hate - Global warming alarmists...Remember acid rain?...Ozone hole crap? Art Bell & George Norrie late nite radio. They lie about everything imaginable.
Hobbies...Inventing....Problem solving: Example. You can supply California with distilled water, by running a pipe from the Pacific ocean to Death Valley, and building a solar powered distillation plant there.
Also, you can solve the Rad-Waste disposal problem by placing used cores in steel tanks to boil water. These cores generate heat at 350 degrees. Why bury it, when you can use old waste to generate heat?
Why spend money to bury it.

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I see that I am the only one here. So, for now hello to me. I wrote a little about myself in my profile, uploaded a custom Avatar and my photo. My main introduction can be found at my website, which is also documented somewhere in my profile area. LATER

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welcome to daniweb

To S.O.S I'll be in the geeks lounge soon.
Steve Behling
I am new and I may need a sherpa to show me around.


Hello happygeek, I was notified by my spam filter that you called. However, I do not know how to get around on this page setup. And I cannot contacyou directly. So Make a copy of your letter and send it to me this way
[email]email removed[/email]
Thank you, Steve Behling

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