Hi ... I've just joined and already the vibe seems to be very friendly -- I like that! :)

A bit about me: very much a mix of solid non-tekkie knowledge more on the aesthetic side of development, and total DUH! :?: :confused: about the way code works and why -- definitely hurts my widdle bwain.

I come from the meandering corridors of showbiz [performing, producing, writing, BBC exec-ing] which somehow morphed for me into the big wide web world. Was a senior web producer for a few years, wrote a book about the web called The Net Effect and still make websites mostly for friends, charities, and barter. For the past 10 years I've been one of the official Webby judges and I'm thrilled to say one of my nominations - the great [TEENAGE] Alan Becker - won the People's Vote this year for his fab Flash movie Animator vs Animation - if you haven't seen it, you will LOVE it, guaranteed!

I'm also a media journo and, after some absence in print, have started writing again for a leftie paper called The Morning Star. You can read my stuff online if you're interested:yawn: Currently I've got a review of Die Hard 4.0 and a piece called The Politics of Fear, looking behind the horor genre.

I also once upon a time in a Hollywood galaxy far away, I spent the best part of 6 months in a cage with 2 baby orangutans in LA Zoo; you can read my notes here.

Okay - so that's a bit about me. You, however, all seem to be the kind of gurus at whose feet I kneel - unworthy, I'm unworthy.

And quick as a FlashPaper I'll be posting some HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELp type messages, because strange things do be happening in that mystery which is my 'puter.

My gratitude awaits, and TIA.

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Hi Beth, from one media hack to another, welcome to DaniWeb. Glad you like what you've seen so far of our friendly little community here...

Thank you Davey! Or should I see ee 'up lad!

BTW - do you know my pal Bill Thompson?

I'm very impressed with DaniWeb so far - the lovely rwaforums has already solved one of my problems over on the Tech XP arena, and I'm hopeful someone will be able to help stop IE7 crashing left, right, and centre.

Going away now to chill in front of the telly.