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Known to my online friends as Torch I have been involved with the online community since the beginnings of the internet. I even ran a bulletin board called Torches Light when the internet was in it's infancy. My first computer was a Commodore 64. I have had some Basic and COBOL programming education back when we were using TRS80's. I ran Torches Light on a 386SX IBM compatible pc running Quarterdeck's Deskview actually multitasking when windows 3.1 could hardly run more than a couple of programs at a time. Using two 1200 baud modems and two phone lines I could actually dial out and log onto my BBS on the other line to check how it was running.

I am a member of the 7.62 gaming squad which is currently playing a lot of Swat4. I have been involved with many gaming forums including the NovaWorld game forum.

I have authored an article for Ezine @rticles entitled, "What Makes a Great Website?". It explains the differences between a mediocre web site and a great web site.

I was born at the Sacred Heart Hospital in Eugene Oregon in February of 1964. After graduating the seventh grade I moved to Euless Texas to live with my father. I graduated from Trinity High School in 1982. After working a few years in the printed circuit board manufacturing business I got into the automotive service industry. I am currently working as a Service Advisor at one of the areas larger Ford stores.

I married my high school sweet heart Sonia Ashford in 1982 as well. We reside in Bedford Texas. I have six children, one daughter, Sarah Fuhrmann, and five boys. Currently I have one granddaughter from my daughter and one grandson from my son Jacob.

I enjoy playing online first person shooters, reading, mountain biking, music, and working with computers.

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The purpose of Online User Rating is to make owners, developers, and programmers of web sites aware of what real users think of their site. "The critic that cares".

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The complete critique scorecard with comments may be purchased from Online User Rating in the future, although that is not the main purpose of this site. Buttons may also be available for sale/rent to put on your web page to promote your Online User Rating.

If your page has been updated since the Online User Rating rated your site, and you would like me to review it again, you may contact me by e-mail and I will gladly critique it again.

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nice intro. Hope to see read more from you.