Hi All have just bought a new windows vista 32 bit home premium comp.. the problem is that there is no sound. from windows sound test, cd or dvd,..or from the net\

have checked the realtak hd audio drivers and volume is set at 99... checked the drivers .... said it was working properly..
so media player and centre will not work...

no sound and doesnt play a dvd although I know you have to set a region for the dvd,,, speakers are plugged in correctly... and that is just for starters ,, the computer isnt even 3 wks old and cost meover 7 bills for it.... can anyone help thanks

btw it is an Acer Athlon

one of the upgrades Windows made with vista was reducing all audio drivers to two categories... maybe you should investigate about it... but, if you bought it with vista installed, i can't see why there should be any problems... maybe you should contact tech support...

Try using driver detective its $29 but gives you automated links to the correct driver website and lets you know if you have the correct drivers installed, I am dual booting with Vista Home Premium and have been ok with my sound and all other drivers, Good Luck

what make is your sound card?