i am currently in my senior year of high school. i want to go into an IT career possibly in system administration/network admin.

my question to the IT professionals is this. do most it pros go to a traditional 4 year college or just a vocational college (tech school) and get certifications. i want to go to a 4 year im just wondering.

also, while im in college what possible jobs would you think would be available to someone persuing a degree? i am a microsoft certified professional in word, excel, pwrpnt, outlook, access and i am a web developer in php, html, mysql etc.

any help/advice would be great

As you're gonna enter engineering field.. Good job...!!! IT is quite wonderful and I'm sure, with your extra qualifications.. you may get a good job with a handsome salary, friend... You may do higher studies after that, may be M. S or whatever.... Good luck

yeah i hope so.. and thanks

Hi there my advice to you would be to go for the degree, most Universities actually send you to a company.

IT is always booming. I myself started my career as IT consultant , later designer, SEO, and programmer. IT has huge fields and if you put time to it, you can become successful in no time.

Goodluck :)

first and foremost you have to love the field to get into IT. it's not ahrd work but u have to deal with a lot of stress and some itme angry customers. if you can't deal with working late and long hours and work to meet deadlines don't go for it. as i say if you love it these things will not matter cause you know what u aiming to acheive.

i absolutely love working with computers and i like helping people through thier computer problems. i can deal with stress and i have to meet almost impossible deadlines as a webmaster... thanks for the advice guys

then i beleive you are in the right place. good luck on your search. BTW what is the market like in your nec of the world

Attending a regular 4 year B.S degree is better than that of some it certifications, however when you get few years of it career experience, the basic degree hardly matters.

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