Hi everybody. i tried searching but did'nt find my problem. im kind of frustrated right now. i have a sony vaio laptop model: pcggrx560 after pressing power button LED lights would turn on, fan spins, harddrive starts but after 5 to 6 seconds fan would stop spinning but the lights are still on. there was one time i unscrewed the bottom covers then it worked. i was able to log on to windows check my documents and system restored it. it restarted then booted up just the way it used to be. then i put the covers back then it won't boot up, no display not even beeps, but the lights stayed on. tried taking the covers out but never worked no more.

i tried removing all the covers, removed keyboard, and almost everything, thinking maybe there are dust in it cleaned it but nothing happened. i turned laptop on with no keyboard, no external drives but the fan won't keep spinning.

anyone pls. help me. i don't know what's wrong with it.

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Is this a processor fan? Check it with another fan.

yes the processor fan and the one that has heatsink. they both stops after 5-6 secs. i bought 2 new fans but still did'nt work.

Is this happening also when you run your system with only the battery, or ac power adapter? Check the output voltage of your power adapter.

Since you were not able to boot into bios. You need to reset or clear the cmos settings (Refer to your motherboard manual). If it could help you to boot into bios, try to change the power management settings.

In addition to the above post.

Forgot to mention, do this first before anything else in the above post. Hit the "Reset" button with a clip or ballpen tip in a small hole found underneath the laptop. See if it helps you boot the computer.

i did the reset but nothing happened. i don't know how to clear or reset the cmos i don't know where to find the motherboard manual.

Try each of the following:

Did you check the output voltage of the AC power adapter?

Run your computer with an AC power adapter source (without battery installed).

With the computer off, use toothpick or straightened paper clip to keep pressing the "Reset" button underneath the laptop for about 10 sec. Start the computer.

Try reseating the memory sticks. Maybe you've jiggled them when you returned the back cover in.

Run your system with one stick installed. Test it one a time in different slots.

i also tried using AC adapter only still same thing

hi fren. i tried what you said it booted up when there's only one memory stick seated one way or the other. but when welcome screen appears there's a 1 beep and it would not go to the desktop. then i tried switching the sticks then a blue screen with error appears.

ok i've determined the problem the other slot for memory stick is malfunctioning that's why when both of them are seated it won't boot up.

thank you very very much for your help!! i really appreciate it

I am also happy that you have found the culprit. The malfunctioning of the memory slot is sometimes created by some oxidation or foreign build up inside the slot. In order to remove this build up, try to clean the gold contact of a stick with a pencil eraser and seat it again into slot several times and clean also the slot with a soft brush. If this doesn't work, it is also safe to run your system with one stick installed instead of buying a new motherboard. Good luck..

thank you so much! is there anything i can do to help this forum?

I have no idea on how you can help this forum. But I love this forum. All I know is I have been here for almost two years now, sharing my experience to others and getting some others ideas to augment my knowledge too. Just stick around. Thanks.....

ok thanks!!

sony laptops wont boot becuase they need to be serviced. They have excellent protection and as a saftey aspect for not blowing the chipset they wont boot up. type "laptop repairs" in google and click on any natural listing

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