A poll on whether President Barack Obama should be assassinated, which was posted to Facebook on Saturday, has been taken down after an investigation by the Secret Service, according to NPR.

The poll consisted of a single question: 'should obama be killed? [sic]' with the choices yes, maybe, if he cuts my health care, and no, according to a screen capture of the poll.

The screen capture also reported that 387 people had responded, but that results were only available if a user approved the application, which has security implications. Reportedly, 339 people voted 'no.'

Facebook took down the entire application that allowed the user, who has not been named, to create the poll, NPR said. But according to the Los Angeles Times, the company didn't take the poll down til Monday, at which point 730 people had voted.

A blogger who had reported the poll to the Secret Service said they had received a call back, and were told that the Secret Service relies on users to report such incidents. Threatening the life of the president is a crime, the LA Times reported.

It is not known whether people who responded to the poll could be tracked down.

President Obama has successfully used social media to launch his campaign. But perhaps too much of a good thing can back fire. It is just awful that users will post such negative user generated content against him or against anyone. But actually Newsweek posted an article some time ago about the not so nice side of social media and gave a few examples.