Hey everyone, i have made a new gaming forum, only thing is, its new. People dont seem to want to join something with few members, that being 6 lol. So do you have any tips, i would be very pleased to have your view on the matter.

If you would like the address just ask and i can PM it to you, so you can see what i have done. :)

I cant wait to read your replys! i hope you all have some great tips. :|

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If you are willing to spent some money on it, then make your website paid to post. You will get real members. Once you have enough posts in it and have higher ranking in search engines. You will obtain users by signup.

Ah thanks, that should help alot!

I strongly recommend to:
1. Boost up your content - like any instructional videos on how to win certain games and cheat sheets. This way, even from a SEO perspective, gamers who are looking for this information will wind up on your site.
2. Create Lots of Threads Yourself - Think of the most requested or FAQ and create it. One site creator created over 300 posts on her site before launching it.
3. Advertise on Facebook to a certain demographics.

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