I have a website, i want to know that "How to bring more traffic on website".

Which are the most effective Marketing Strategies to promote my website to bring more traffic.

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Link building is probably one of the most important things to do and counts for a lot in the search engine result pages. Of course there is a lot more that can be done. You can submit your site to RSS feeds, and bookmark in the social networks such as Delicious, Stumble Upon, Digg etc. Business directories and article directories are good places for submissions as well.

I submit my site to search engines, I use this free service with a large selection of int. search engines and direct links to submission pages {link snipped} :) there are a couple of decent sites out there but this is the better one, with more int. search engines... don't forget to add your url to bing, I get a lot of traffic from bing right now. :)

Add your site to Bing local listing {snipped URL}

Before submitting your site , you need to check the alexa traffic of a site. If the site has high traffic it will give traffic to your site

you should do seo for your webiste: post on forums, make comments , social networking, bookmark are all good ways to help you get more visitors:)

I guess all are already in there, one more thing create more accounts on social accounts, like twitter, FB, linkedin, ecademy and alot more then, add some friends then post some links and updates in that way you can still gain traffic. :)

What method you've used so far? Did you've done the SEO of your site?

SEO is good way to promote your site
forum posting
blog commenting
social bookmarking
link directory submission
press release submission
article submission
video marketing
submitting classified ads

Hope this helps.

I have a website, i want to know that "How to bring more traffic on website".

Which are the most effective Marketing Strategies to promote my website to bring more traffic.

Back link helps generate traffic. Here are some of the techniques that helps your site get back links:

article submissions
blog commenting
classified ads
directory submissions
forum posting
link exchange
press release
online groups
social networking
social bookmarking

Go for twitter friend adders it is easy and results are 100%.

Go for twitter friend adders it is easy and results are 100%.

Hi Angela - what do you mean by "results are 100%?" Are you suggesting that 100% of your twitter followers will visit your site?

sorry but I too cant believe that twitter is 100% successful...it can definitely bring some amount of traffic..but only twitter cannot be the reason for 100% traffic success

Market research - find out who your customers are and where they are on the internet.

After that research your competition and find out where they are getting traffic from. Try to duplicate some of their success and then get creative to get a lasting edge and increased traffic...

Well submit your site to search engines, list on active directories, provide a link on other sites, and increase your social circle

What service you choose to use depends partly on It depends on the type of niche your website is currently in. A really good, interesting, and a non boring blog will sell it self. Promote it through forum, blog, article submission site, directory and youtube, and building link with quality strong website / high traffic website with same niche.

Just post comments on blog DOFOLLOW

commented: Sure, because the net needs more spam... -2

How do you know you're obtaining the right kind of traffic?
And what does that snippet mean?



The best way to get traffic for ur site is Social Media Optimization. SMO includes RSS feeds, Social bookmarking in the social networks such as Delicious, Mixx, Reditt, Stumble Upon, Digg etc. Press Release, Search Engine Submittion etc.

yes seo techniques helps alot in advertising you site and bringing traffic in.
fresh addition of data is an important thing.

There are several ways to generate website traffic. Here are some basic points that are important to get people to visit your site.

The Title - write a short but to the point and attractive title that will be easy to index on a search engine and is also attractive to a person looking on a search engine

The Content - this is perhaps the most important, without quality content no one will stay at your site more than 10 seconds and are less likely to get any click throughs on any profit generating links on your site. Also make sure your content sounds informative and professional with proper grammar and punctuation. Don't sound like a 12 year old typing.

Meta Tags and keywords - Effective title, description, and keyword meta tags in your HTML code make it easy for a search engine to display and index your site for others to find. there are several free meta tag generators online. Just Google 'free meta tag generator'

Blogs and Forums - find high traffic forums and blogs relevant to your sites content and respond to other user comments and useful information then provide a link at the end of the post to your website.

Don't give up, generating website traffic is has a pyramid effect. You post a quality website on one place, that person recommends that site to someone else, and word can slowly but surely spread. Also, any posts or forum replies stay on their respective websites for years. You will find your website getting referral links from forum posts from 3 years back so the more seeds you set early the better.

There are many ways to promote your website.The most popular I think is Google AdWords.In this case you can choose in which sites to display your ads and you can set your budget as you like.The other method is SEO but a lot of hard work is needed to gain popularity of your product.

Instead of focusing on traffic, you must focus on increasing ROI ie focusing on traffic which will improve leads/queries/ or sales.

Create valuable content.
Is your content worthy of being read by millions of people? Remember that the purpose of content is to provide value to others. Do you provide genuine value, and is it the best you’re capable of providing?
When I sit down to write, I sometimes imagine myself standing on an outdoor concert stage before an audience of a million people. Then I ask myself, “What shall I say to this audience of fellow human beings?” If a million people each spend five minutes on this site, that’s nearly 10 person-years total. I do my best to make my writing worthy of this differential. I don’t always succeed, but this is the mindset that helps me create strong content.
Think about the effect you want your writing to have on people. Since I write about personal growth, I want my writing to change people for the better. I want to expand people’s thinking, to raise their consciousness, and to help them eliminate fear from their lives. If my writing doesn’t change people’s thinking, actions, or awareness, then my value isn’t being transferred well enough.

The most effectively techniques for me are link building, articles writing, directory submission, forums and blogs posting, social networks introducing. There are payed ways, but I suggest you that free techniques. If you want to learn more - "website promotion articles by V. Shulman" .

Have you chosen keywords for your site, if you have keywords, then the best way is to do seo, and rank your site in search engine, then you will have traffic, and they are all free from SE.

In short period, you can try social media site such as facebook, twitter and so on.

Very good info in this thread, thanks!

I use site from my signature, Write one good article and send it with Free traffic system that works up to 30 blogs at the same time in 3 minutes That's means 30 one way live backlinks = a lot of traffic. P.S. you can send as many as you want unique articles and after some times you will have great results, so if you want feel free to try. Greetings

I have a website, i want to know that "How to bring more traffic on website".

Which are the most effective Marketing Strategies to promote my website to bring more traffic.

You also have to try promoting your website offline. You can try marketing with postcards, that would be effective in bringing more people visit your site. If your postcard gets their attention they will surely surf your site when they go online.

there are many ways
video marketing
blog commenting leaving u r link in related blogs
article marketing
submitting u r blog to directories and authority sites

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