Would you partake a social media abstinence during your solo trip to a far region or even just to be more productive?

sure! i think i can abstain from updating my facebook or twitter status while on a trip to Nevernever Land. :) Quite frankly, I think if you are busy updating your social media profiles, you clearly aren't adventuring enough. Put the phone down people!!

I'm amazed at the amount of addiction to facebook and twitter. I use them, but I don't completely understand the obsession with them.

I'm amazed at the amount of addiction to facebook and twitter. I use them, but I don't completely understand the obsession with them.

in general, a social network is only as good as its users. If there are people, organizations, businesses, or items you are interested in, then you can use these social networks to remain connected with those people or entities. If you are content with not being so connected (and many people are) then yes.. i can see not having much of an interest in these networks and not buying into the hype. :)

With modern technology facilitating social media integration with other daily uses, I think it can be difficult to compartmentalize. Sometimes it is good just to unplug for a moment and realize life beyond Facebook

I think I cannot do that, almost everyday I update my facebook and getting response from my follower make my journey and trip complete, it like having them with me, and that is really nice feeling to me, it so warm

Thanks for your being honest. It is true. It would be very difficult to be unplugged in today's society.

On days when I'm super busy working -- or coding -- I very rarely check (or update) Facebook or Twitter.

hey, come on guys. It's okay to update your Facebook page, but still it would do no harm if you updated it after being back home , right. I'd prefer enjoy my journey first, then share the good moments/photos with friends - it is not a must to be instantly shared I guess-

Social Media is greatly part of someone's lifestyle.

I know folks who cant send updates to Facebook and/or Tweeter all throughout dinner and just hanging out while I only send it while Im at home. I think also people use social media as an electronic bulletin board

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I think we could update our social media status via our mobile devices even we are on trips. I think this would also be reason why social media sites are so popular these days. :)


So it seems that social media has become a natural part of our lives now. We cant live without it. People are not engaged with social media are seen as off the loop.

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