Twitter users are being warned not to click the links in a Direct Message which has been circulating in large numbers since late Saturday. The message simply says either "LOL, is this you?" or "LOL, this is funny" or "ha ha, u look funny on here" and has a link to click which is meant to trick the unsuspecting recipient into responding to find out. Of course, it's a phishing scam which actually will connect to what looks like a Twitter login page but which is in fact a login data harvesting one.

It's apparently been having some success thanks to the use of domain parking host which enables third-party site redirects. So the URL in the supplied link looks quite legitimate but has a redirect portion built in which takes the user to the faked site.

The DM content is apparently changing as the attack spreads, so Twitter users are being advised no to click any links in direct messages for the time being just to be on the safe side.